Duncanville Fieldhouse Shooting Today -Active Shooter In High School


Duncanville Fieldhouse, where day camp and after-school exercises are presently in meeting, is being explored by police as a thought dynamic shooting circumstance.

Today, June 13, 2022, officials in Duncanville are responding to a functioning shooter episode in Duncanville Fieldhouse. The shooting occurred at 1700 S Main St in Duncanville, Texas, 75137, United States.


Officials are exploring in the wake of getting a report of a lethal shot on the scene.

Find out About Duncanville Fieldhouse Shooting Today Summer campers are being migrated to the Duncanville Recreation Center after a functioning shooting happened in Duncanville Fieldhouse at an indoor field that is right now on lockdown because of an episode at the Duncanville Fieldhouse. Nobody was shot or hurt, as indicated by unverified sources.

No youngsters were harmed, as indicated by the indoor field’s virtual entertainment posts. Summer campers have likewise been migrated to the Duncanville Recreation Center, as per the report. To get their youngsters, guardians ought to go to the Rec Center, 201 James Collins Blvd, Duncanville, TX 75116, as opposed to the Fieldhouse.

A dark vehicle was seen surrounded by yellow crime location tape as Chopper 11 took off over the site. Albeit the vehicle’s entryway was open, it was hazy whether somebody was still inside.

Who Is The Active Shooter In High School? Duncanville Shooting’s Suspect Albeit the shooter has been gotten, police presently can’t seem to deliver a portrayal of the culprit. At the hour of distribution, the inspiration for the shooting had not been affirmed. Summer campers have been conveyed to the Duncanville Rec Center, 201 James Collins, where they will be gotten. The examination is as yet continuous.

At the point when more data opens up, it will be refreshed. Duncanville High School is an optional school in Duncanville, Texas, United States, in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, as per Wikipedia. Duncanville Independent School District is home to the school.

The shooting occurred at 1700 S Main St in Duncanville, Texas, 75137, United States. Officials are as of now researching subsequent to getting a report of a shooting.

Is There Causality Caused On Duncanville Fieldhouse Shooting? Albeit the inspiration for the shooting has not been affirmed as of this distributing, the police division has not yet recorded any losses.

Families and companions of the youngsters who were available are feeling better, yet unfortunate, as police keep on examining what is happening.

The Duncanville Arena has been shut because of the mishap, and camp representatives will be migrated to the Duncanville Recreation Center.