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A person named Firdaus Wong has delivered the common a private video of Ebit Lew in his message account, which has acquired more than 90,000 supporters since the video opened up to the world.

Ebit Lew is a Chinese Malaysian Islamic business visionary and an evangelist. He is the proprietor of the Elewsmart supermarket chain.

He was born on 21 December 1984 in Muadzam Shah. He is the eleventh offspring of his folks, who changed his religion over to Islam at 12 years old.

He is referred to for his appearance as a whiskery man in a cap and a kurta-an appropriate Muslim clothing and looks. He is likewise well known for his altruism, as he can be seen helping poor people, underestimated, teens, and the LGBTQ people group.

Ebit Lew video is moving on Twitter. He has arrived on one more difficulty after an Islamic well known individual named Firdaus Wong delivered a video on his wire where an individual that looks like Ebit is seen acting improperly on the bed.

This issue has grabbed a great deal of eye from the general population, however the denounced is yet to remark on the matter. It isn’t whenever that this initially has occurred. A comparable occurrence occurred in July too. His private photographs were spilled once before in July. also, he had been blamed for physically bothering ladies on the Internet.

Around then also, many individuals communicated their shock though some counterargued expressing that something like this has happened oftentimes previously. Some contended that he is a particularly kind individual and how he might have done such obscene things.

One of the Twitter clients shared that numerous ministers have been casualties of these private recordings outrage with an expectation to discolor their names. The past was Ustaz Azhar Idrus, who was likewise adored by many.

In any case, this time, with the assistance of Wong, many individuals have approached and recorded protests against him for physically attacking them and sending revolting instant messages.

Moreover, the police have detailed that there are a few arguments that have been held up against the minister. One of the casualties had blamed him for uncovering his genitals during a video bring in July.

In any case, in any event, during this season of allegations and grumblings, he had been sharing affectionate recordings of him and his better half.

Ebit Lew isn’t accessible on Wikipedia starting at 2021. However, he has been on news features and turned into an interesting issue via online media after the proof to demonstrate that he physically attacked numerous ladies has been delivered on the stages.