Ed Sheeran Explains Why He Gave Sam Smith a ‘6-Foot-2’ Penis Statue Gift, Says They Asked for It

Ed Sheeran is clearing up everything with respect to the phallic work of art he as of late gave Sam Smith as a gift.

Days after Smith, 30, talked about getting a 6-foot tall ‘marble penis’ sculpture that weighs ‘two tons’ from Sheeran, 31, as a surprising gift, the “2Step” vocalist lyricist made sense of the origin story in a meeting on Thursday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Before he could make sense of Smith’s sculpture, Sheeran reviewed whenever he first gave a comparably NSFW gift to another performer.

“Elton John has been associated with my vocation at every turn, and he gets me unusual gifts,” he said. “Just, as, odd gifts, as sexual kind of articles.”

The “Verbally processing” Grammy victor said he discovered that John was “exceptionally pleased” to have gotten a couple of “jewel encrusted” penis rings from Eminem for his wedding to David Outfit. “At the point when I’m around there, they’re like, ‘Look at it.

Aren’t these cool?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to one-up this. I want to get Elton a current that will make him go, ‘[Gasp] Wow,'” said Sheeran. He kidded that he “got this gigantic, slumping, saggy thing” for John — one of numerous penis sculptures, as he itemized one more as a “big, erect, vein-y one.” “I gave it to him for his birthday, and Elton was super about it.

And afterward it got out in the press that I had made it happen,” proceeded with Sheeran. “I could be doing meetings, and individuals could be like, ‘All things considered, might I at any point have one?'” Smith then, at that point, clearly requested their very own phallic sculpture while recording at a studio close to Sheeran’s home.

“Sam saw one of them and said, ‘Might I at any point have one?’ And I got out, ‘Whatever would you like?'” said the “Unfortunate behavior patterns” artist. “What’s more, Sam said, ‘One the size of me. One that is 6-foot-2.’ So there we go.  That is all there is to it.” During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week, Smith recounted getting the larger than average gift from Sheeran.

“Wow… It’s wild. I thought it was a joke, yet it’s a six-foot-two marble penis,” they told have Kelly Clarkson, who requested insights concerning the interesting present.

“It’s two tons, and I must get it extended into my home.” (Sheeran told Stephen Colbert the sculpture really weighs more than two tons.)

As to’s arrangements for the sculpture, they said, “Indeed, I need to transform it into a wellspring, which I think will be difficult to do.”

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