Edu Manzano’s Previous Relationships

Assuming you are a Filipino, somebody that dwells in The Philippines, or just somebody that consumes Filipino media and diversion, then, at that point, there’s plausible that you know Edu Manzano. He is a Fil-Am star, well known in The Philippines, and frequently seen on current game shows, exemplary Filipino motion pictures, and Television programs.

Born Eduardo Barrios Manzano, he was born in the US, most explicitly in the brilliant city of San Francisco, California, however has invested the majority of his energy in The Philippines. Beside being an entertainer and celebrity, he is likewise a comic and a political figure in the country, with a record of being a Bad habit Chairman in one of the significant urban communities known as Makati.

In addition, he is likewise known to be a game expert, with shows, for example, “Pilipinas, Game KNB?” and “Asar Talo Lahat Panalo!” significant appearances where he filled in as the game host. He is without a doubt an unbelievable entertainer, yet for some individuals who don’t know, he likewise filled in as a US Flying corps veteran during the Vietnam War. As numerous big names in The Philippines would do when they are not as conspicuous any longer, he ran for a nearby situation in 2019 as San Juan’s delegate yet lost to his resistance. These days, he shows up as Wear Freddie Estrella on A Family Issue and Henry Del Rosario on Bloom of Detestable, the two of which are displayed under the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Organization. Continue to peruse to find out about Edu Manzano’s significant other, his marriage, and his loved ones!

Edu Manzano isn’t Hitched to Spouse. Dating sweetheart: Cherry Pie Picache As numerous Filipinos would be shocked to hear, the star is dating an entertainer with a remarkable history and heritage in the nation known as Cherry Pie Picache. Despite the fact that Edu Manzano’s significant other has been passed on from two past connections he had previously, a many individuals are trusting that this may be the last and perpetually one. At the point when the couple began seeing one another, reports fired springing up expressing that the two famous actors were supposedly seeing one another. Luckily, the two later affirmed in 2021 that they are without a doubt dating, and ideally, we can call Cherry Pie Edu Manzano’s better half not long from now.

Cherry Pie Picache’s Memoir Known for her insidious ploys and deadly characters on public television and on the big screen, Cherry Pie Picache is a mind blowing entertainer that can change her depiction from sweet to evil. She initially began acting, harking back to the 90s and is as yet landing consistent jobs in additional advanced and ongoing flicks like Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles and Wed Me, Wed You.

In spite of the fact that she is known for being coldblooded in the motion pictures and Television programs that she is many times projected on, her genuine character is something contrary to her media characters. For some Filipinos, she is remarkable for having the option to confront the one who mercilessly killed her mom, embrace him, and excuse him for the monstrosity he brought into her life.

Edu Manzano’s Past Connections As we’ve referenced before, the title Edu Manzano’s better half has been passed on from two ladies previously, the two of which are likewise remarkable entertainers and famous actors. His most memorable spouse is no other than House Agent Speaker and entertainer Vilma Santos, to whom he was married for quite some time, somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1982.

A while later, he wedded “The Jewel Star” entertainer named Maricel Soriano in the year 1989. Sadly, the two would likewise go on their ways and separate only two years later, in 1991.

The star would likewise have a relationship with ex-model and entertainer Rina Samson, carrying birth to two of the star’s kids. Edu Manzano’s Children Mr. Manzano is the glad dad of three awesome children, specifically Luis “Fortunate” Manzano, Addie Manzano, and Enzo Manzano. His firstborn is Luis and was imagined when he was with Vilma Santos. His little girl Addie and child Enzo would later be considered when he was involved with Rina.

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