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Edward Jordan Sr is most popular for being the main spouse of Aretha Franklin. Indeed, they share two youngsters. At the hour of this composition, Aretha’s kids’ news is coming up and acquiring huge features as they are secured a contest and battling about her will, after the finding of four hazardous manually written notes apparently splitting her home between her all children.

Edward Jordan Sr and Aretha Franklin are additionally honored with two children. Their names, the main kid, Clarance was born on 28 January 1955 when Aretha was just 12, and the subsequent child, Edward Derone Franklin born on 31 August 1957.

She initially asserted the dad was a classmate, at this point in the wills she purportedly had manually written, she alludes to Edward Sr. as his dad. While not a lot is thought about Jordan and the job he played in his kid’s lives, as Aretha’s grandma, Rachel, and her kin’s sister, Erma, took the consideration of their two children as her prosperity took off. The youngsters’ photos of Aretha could be found on the web.

Before long, Aretha’s family developed as she created two additional children because of her different connections. Upon the passing of Aretha Franklin, Edward Jordan has not surfaced up much about in the media and sources. It appears to be after Aretha’s destruction, Edward appears to go under the radar.

Likewise, there are no authority web-based media locales of Edward Jordan so it is hard to tell what Edward is at present doing these days. In spite of the fact that Edward Jordan’s total assets has not been formally unveiled at the hour of this composition.

In any case, Aretha Franklin has accumulated a total assets of $80 million. This data was accounted for by Celebrity Net Worth. She lost her life on 16 August 2018 from pancreatic disease leaving no will!