Edward Norton Learns Pocahontas Is His 12th Great Grandmother — Actor’s Family Lore Is ‘Absolutely True’

Edward Norton’s family roots return farther than he envisioned. On Tuesday’s season debut of the PBS program Tracking down Your Underlying foundations, Norton, 53, showed up with have Henry Louis Entryways Jr. to plunge into his family’s parentage and found that the seventeenth century Powhatan lady Pocahontas is his twelfth distant grandma.

In the episode, have Doors Jr. uncovered that Norton’s parentage — which incorporates a Nationwide conflict soldier who kept in touch with Abraham Lincoln and a late nineteenth century supportive of association work dissident — can be followed straightforwardly back to the earliest long periods of frontier America in Virginia, when Pocahontas wedded English pilgrim John Rolfe in 1614. “I comprehend that was family legend,” Entryways Jr. told Norton, who said he had grown up hearing family stories that they were connected with the Native figure, in the episode.


“Indeed, it is totally evident.” “John Rolfe and Pocahontas got hitched on April 5, 1614. Shakespeare dies in 1616, just to place this in context,” the host kept, adding setting to the time span.

“Pocahontas died at some point in Walk 1617 in Grave’s End, Britain, and John Rolfe died around Walk 1622.”

“This is comparably far back as you can go, except if that is no joke,” Norton answered. “Causes you to acknowledge what a little piece of the entire human story you are.”

Somewhere else in the episode, Norton discovered that a third extraordinary granddad of his named John Winstead was recorded as having possessed subjugated individuals in the 1850 North Carolina evaluation, a disclosure from Norton’s family’s previous that the entertainer called “awkward.”

“The short response is these things are awkward, and you ought to be awkward with them, everyone ought to be awkward with it,” Norton told Entryways Jr. subsequent to learning of the evaluation count. “It’s anything but a judgment on you and your own life, however it’s a judgment on the historical backdrop of this nation and it should be recognized as a matter of some importance, and afterward it should be battled with.”

Entryways Jr. referenced during the episode that Norton, who made sense of that his grandparents deciphered the diaries of no less than one nineteenth century precursor, showed up to the Finding Your Underlying foundations taping better ready to discuss his family’s lineage “than any visitor I can review.”

“I must tell the truth, something that flabbergasts me is that they were making these sorts of records in that sort of a turbulent time,” Norton told Doors Jr. after the host reaveled through enrollment papers that another precursor enlisted in the Mainland Armed force under George Washington in 1777.

The full season debut of Finding Your Underlying foundations additionally included Julia Roberts, whom Entryways Jr. uncovered toward the finish of the episode has a sufficiently comparable grouping of DNA to Norton to verify that they share a typical predecessor some place in their family line. The full episode can be tracked down on PBS’ site.