El Pollo Loco’s Burrito Grillers: Varieties, price, availability, and all you need to know


In time for these special seasons, El Pollo Crazy presented two new Crazy Burrito Grillers at partaking stores, drawing motivation from the real kinds of Sonora, Mexico. The two sorts of Insane’s new Crazy Burrito Grillers are Crazy Fire-Barbecued Chicken Burrito Griller and Crazy Destroyed Hamburger Burrito Griller.

Two assortments of El Pollo Crazy’s new Insane Burrito Grillers bring a lot to the table to foodies
El Pollo Insane’s Destroyed Hamburger Burrito Griller is made with a delicate Sonoran-style flour tortilla loaded up with delicate destroyed meat, softened jack cheddar, cilantro, and diced onions.


A couple of Crazy Destroyed Hamburger Burrito Grillers costs $10.15 when requested independently, and $12.15 when joined with one side and a standard beverage (may differ). Look at the wholesome realities about Insane Destroyed Hamburger Burrito Grillers:

Serving size: 16.7 oz1010 calories460 calories from fat51 grams of fat21 grams of immersed fat2140 milligrams of sodium87 grams of carbs4 grams of sugar51 grams of protein

In the mean time, the delicate Sonoran-style flour tortilla utilized in the Crazy Fire-Barbecued Chicken Burrito Griller is loaded down with the organization’s particular fire-barbecued chicken, destroyed jack cheddar, cilantro, and onion.

The expense of two Crazy Fire-Barbecued Chicken Burrito Grillers is $8.65 for an individually request, and $10.65 for a combo that incorporates a decision of one side and a beverage (may change). Referenced beneath are the wholesome realities about Insane Fire-Barbecued Chicken Burrito Grillers:

Serving size: 16.7 oz1060 calories480 calories from fat53 grams of fat21 grams of soaked fat2300 milligrams of sodium85 grams of carbs3 grams of sugar62 grams of protein
Buritto Grillers are presented with a side of Crazy Plunging Sauce, which is made of a warm, tasty stew stock and a smidgen of velvety queso blanco. It is served in an explicitly made box too.

Temporarily, you can find El Pollo Crazy’s pristine Insane Burrito Grillers at taking part eateries the nation over.

El Pollo Insane likewise as of late sent off New Overstuffed Quesadillas
Overstuffed Quesadillas, which come in four flavors, are made with a determination of great ingredients wrapped inside a 12-inch delicate flour tortilla that has been threefold barbecued until the outside is brilliant and fresh.