Elena Krawzow Disability- Is The Athlete Blind?

Elena Krawzow is legitimately visually impaired, with just 3% of her vision left in salvageable shape. Elena Krawzow is a Paralympian who has been experiencing cerebral pains since winning gold in the 100-meter chest occasion at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

In a close to home Instagram post on October 16, she uncovered that she had been determined to have “a growth in the upper left half of the globe.”


Elena had one final wish to wed Phillip, whom she met in a rivalry in 2009, preceding going through mind a medical procedure. She guarantees she needed to wed Phillip in her present status since she is uncertain the way that she will feel following the methodology.


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Several has been dating beginning around 2018. She can be found on Instagram under the handle @elena_krawzow where she figured out how to pile up 37.9K supporters.

Elena Krawzow Disability-Is The Athlete Blind? Elena Krawzow has an incapacity where she is legitimately visually impaired, with just 3% of her vision remaining. She can’t see her adversaries, the waves, the picture taker, and the response. Be that as it may, she affirms she can hear the screen click and the directions and support.

Krawzow was born in Mergen, Kazakhstan, a little town in the south, in the year 1993. Her nation had just been free for 18 months. Krawzow’s family battled to look for employment and earn a living wage. Tea and bread were once in a while all she and her kin consumed.

Things settled the score more trying for Krawzow when she was seven. Her instructors noticed her squinting and stressing to see the blackboard. Whenever she attempted to peruse, she would hold books dependent upon her nose.

The family’s need to escape turned out to be seriously squeezing. They previously headed out to Russia, where her macular degeneration was analyzed at a Moscow eye clinic. Krawzow was put in a life experience school for youngsters with extraordinary requirements.


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Elena Semechin (geb. Krawzow) (@elena_krawzow)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

In Germany, a games educator, Michael Heuer, assisted her with understanding that swimming could assist with being a source for her. She did her preparation during the week, counting strokes and lengths.

More On Elena Krawzow On The Paralympian Playboy Cover Elena Krawzow, a Paralympian, graced the front of the German Playboy magazine in 2020. I’m the principal crippled individual on the cover,” Krawzow gladly pronounced to the BBC.

The competitor professes to have consented to the portrayals since she accepted they would assist individuals with incapacities acquire regard. It was a stage she needed to take to show to the other world that individuals with incapacities are very much like every other person.

However she got great many messages saying thanks to her for rousing them, she likewise got a ton of reaction from the people who were annoyed by her absence of apparel on the magazine’s cover. One individuals who communicated concern was her dad.

Elena has become well known at the Paralympics, winning gold, silver, and bronze decorations. She was likewise the main Paralympian included in Playboy magazine, creating a ruckus.


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Elena Semechin (geb. Krawzow) (@elena_krawzow)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Meet The Partner Of Elena Krawzow Elena Krawzow wedded her coach Phillip Semechin, her accomplice now, only days before significant cerebrum medical procedure. In a heartfelt function close to Berlin, the couple sealed the deal.

Elena Krawzow, 28, expressed yes to her companion and coach Phillip Semechin, 36, on November first, as indicated by “Bild.” The wedding was held in Petershagen, close to Berlin, in the nearest family circle, only one day before her significant growth a medical procedure on November third.

The couple had no clue they could get hitched until the morning of the wedding. She asserts the wedding was a spontaneous undertaking, with the rings showing up prior in the day.

They were hitched in the vault office before their friends and family, who had come to astound them. Her companion, Nuremberg-based wedding style fashioner Thu-Lia, changed her into a staggering lady.