Elephant Man Addresses Rumors He Punched Diddy In The Face

Elephant Man is talking on bits of gossip interestingly that he had a fight with Diddy back in 2007 when he supposedly hit the Bad Boy rap tycoon upside the head.

The dancehall legend as of late plunked down with The Fix, where he talked about his vocation in dancehall business for over 20 years, having begun as an individual from the Scare Dem Crew prior to going it alone. One of the features from the meeting is the scandalous occurrence that was accounted for in 2007, which guaranteed that Elephant Man and Puff Daddy, presently known as Diddy or Love, got into a contention that became physical.


The “Pon Di River” craftsman is talking freely about that episode which he denies. “Definitely, one collection bargain, better believe it when them a discussion session me and Puffy battle and me pound down the poor-me? Weh mi back pound down puffy fah? When me desso a take dancehall to a level and me simply a work and me a do weh me need do?”

As indicated by Elephant Man, he had a decent connection with Diddy, who marked him to his New York-based name Bad Boy Records, which prompted his presentation collection ‘We should Get Physical’ delivered on 6 November 2007. The principal single on the collection is “Five-O” and highlights Wyclef Jean and Diddy. The collection was later Grammy-selected and was additionally the principal Grammy designation for Diddy at that point, Elephant man says.

As indicated by the Jamaican ‘Energy Gad’, Diddy had searched him out subsequent to finding out about his standing as a craftsman. In those days, Elephant Man’s stage presence was unmatched because of his moving sort tunes.

“Me, Sean Paul and Junior Gong deh behind the stage at 97 Reggae [with] Kiprich. At the point when me look me see Puffy and Chris Tucker weh come in the Karate show… two a dem come in and express ‘I’m hanging around for you’. Me say: ‘yea man yah watch the show, ah the baddest show’. [Diddy says] ‘eh I’m hanging around for you’… weh the man say? ‘Mi come fi sign you'” he says.

In 2007, reports began circling that Elephant Man and his escort burst into Bad Boy Records base camp and messed up Diddy over cash owed to the emcee. A few reports say that Diddy was seen with his glasses twisted up and had a busted lip while Elephant Man was reviling and swearing about needing his cash from Diddy.

Diddy talked on the bits of gossip in 2007 while talking with MTV out of control, saying that he and Elephant Man are great and his home is neat and tidy.

Somewhere else in his meeting, Elephant additionally gave a few craftsmen their blossoms while sharing a portion of his encounters meeting Janet Jackson and Chris Brown as well as working with specialists like Rihanna.


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As per him, he and Chris Brown teamed up on six tunes, yet the regard he has procured didn’t stop there as Roc Nation’s Jay-Z himself sent for him to assist with offering Rihanna her big reprieve.

“Memba a me say memba great memba a me dem sen fi buss Rihanna,” Elephant Man said. “At the point when Rihanna do back ‘Pon Di Riva’, ‘run run everyone gi dem a run’, and Jay-Z said ‘Ele we want you’… and afterward me and her rehash Umbrella Remix, my second number one in Africa.”

Elephant Man likewise addressed how the tune “Switch” by Will Smith showed signs of life as his vocation took off as a Jamaican craftsman to now a standard craftsman in the United States.

“I resembled me a load up the plane and dem hang on dish mi ticket and say ‘you can’t go’. You see da personal luxury plane deh, Will Smith inna it and him say you fi fawud now. Blast, me, him and Jada [Pinkett-Smith],” he said.

“At the point when me go inna the fly, Jada go ‘Gracious! Ele, mi most loved craftsman’, me say ‘woah’ so the work a put in and dem a see it,” he added.

Elephant Man on how Ninjaman and Super Cat impact his vocation He likewise addressed the condition of music these days, which he says, as he would see it, many neglect to offer appreciation to the others in the class. Elephant reviewed a considerable lot of his encounters with different craftsmen who were at the same time attempting to make dancehall into a big type across the world. He shared regard for Ninjaman, Super Cat, and others, something he says is missing from the more youthful specialists these days.

“At the point when we presently prior let you know say Ninjaman is my Gad in music, Shabba Ranks is my Gad in music, Super Cat dem, Buju, Killer dem, how might I not tell them?… Nowadays, nuh regard nuh too deh inna the thing. A man would try and regard you and nuh even tell you,” he said.

“When last you see a craftsman post another craftsman? An exposed conflict thus,” Elephant Man said.

Elephant Man had a lot to say regarding the most recent viral sort of music most specialists pursue as he talked about the life span of his melodies like “Crevasse Creeper,” which actually affects individuals very nearly a long time since it was delivered.

“Here and there some music affi (sic) some spot, everyone simply a do dem own thing. What’s more, it’s great to be business however it great to in any case seem OK we actually need to keep in mind there is Hot 97 and there is a playlist despite everything part say we really want melodies to cross and we need go fi a few Billboard and a few things,” Elephant Man added.