Elle King Gives Health Update After Suffering a Concussion from Falling Down Stairs

Elle Lord is focusing on the mishap she had in November that left her with a blackout and amnesia and prompted her dropping various shows.

“I was strolling down our means around midnight, to make a container, and I slipped and thumped myself oblivious,” the “Ex’s and Gracious'” vocalist, 33, said in a meeting with Diversion This evening. “I can chuckle now, since I’m improving, however it was an extremely extraordinary thing. They said I got amnesia and got post-blackout condition.”


Almost two months after the fact, Lord is doing exercise based recuperation, “a great deal of stretches,” and attempting to get up to speed with calm time — “which has never been an area of strength for me,” she said. Her 16-month-old child Fortunate Levi, whom she imparts to life partner Dan Tooker, was not harmed in the fall.

“Yet, the child is thoroughly fine, and I’m improving,” she told the power source. “What I love about Nashville is the local area that I haven’t actually had in any of the last different urban communities that I’ve lived in, regardless of whether I’ve had a lot of companions. There’s a delightful thing about this city and my companions and my music family, they generally completely accumulated around me and were all so strong and appeared for myself and assisted me with the child.”

Lord attempted to completely get back to the stage however acknowledged it was too early after the mishap and wound up dropping a couple of shows.

“I attempted to push through and played 3 shows, however the movement, lights, every last bit of it just exacerbated things,” she wrote in an Instagram Story last month.

“I might want to thank the specialists that stepped in and filled my openings, as well as the radio broadcasts for their comprehension and proceeded with help.”

Feeling improved, the “Attempt Jesus” artist had the option to perform on CBS’ New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Slam extraordinary.

“I was in a real sense having a great time when we were doing the commencement,” Lord told ET. “I couldn’t say whether I’ve at any point been so energized.”

She added, “I lost my voice — I was unable to talk for, similar to, two days subsequently on the grounds that I was shouting that commencement.

Simply glancing around and seeing Jimmie [Allen] and Kelsea [Ballerini] and Zac Brown — only sort of understanding this is my life, this is my home, it was a particularly insane open door.”