Ellen DeGeneres Reacts to Ex Anne Heche’s Hospitalization After Car Crash

Amidst her ex’s hospitalization, Ellen DeGeneres has really focusing words on Anne Heche.

The past daytime telecaster imparted brief remarks on the circumstance to her relationship with Heche, who she dated from 1997 to 2000. Right when asked regarding whether she’s tended to Heche since her minor collision, DeGeneres said, “We’re not in touch with each other, so I wouldn’t know.”


Anyway, DeGeneres avowed she wants to send her mercifully words and said on camera, “I don’t keep up with that anyone ought to be hurt.”

“It was a truly unsafe disaster that happened, wasn’t it?” the cameraman asked. As she scrambled toward her vehicle, DeGeneres replied, “Sure was.”

This indicates at whatever point the comedian initially has watched out for Heche’s car accident unreservedly since she was hospitalized with consumes on Friday. By then, Heche had crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a two-story home, getting a fire going that normal very nearly 60 fire fighters to extinguish.

“This moment, Anne is in unbelievable fundamental condition,” the performer’s rep told ET on Monday. “She has an enormous pneumonic actual issue requiring mechanical ventilation and consumes that require cautious intercession.”

The rep continued, “She is in a condition of obviousness and has not recuperated discernment since not long after the disaster.”

Staten Island University Hospital Burn Unit Director Dr. Michael L. Cooper, who isn’t related with treating Heche, shared setting on the possibility of Heche’s injuries.

“She upheld an internal breath injury, and that suggests there was damage to her avionics courses,” he told ET. “She couldn’t breathe in isolated, and she moreover upheld seriously singed regions, which require an operation. Accordingly, these are hazardous injuries. She is doing combating for her life right now.”