Emily Ratajkowski Says Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Film ‘Blonde’ ‘Fetishizes Female Pain’

Emily Ratajkowski lately took to her social media to proportion her feelings about Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe-stimulated Netflix film that, she says, fetishized female suffering.

In a video on TikTok from the version, 31, she admitted that even as she hasn’t yet seen the film, the communication surrounding it has piqued her hobby.


“I’m no longer surprised to pay attention it’s yet another film fetishizing lady ache even in death,” said Ratajkowski. “We try this in lots of, many exceptional methods, but I need that to exchange.”

Blonde hit Netflix Sept. 28 and tells a fictionalized tale of Monroe navigating a grueling Hollywood experience.

It’s informed in a provocative, surreal manner to depict what Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, could have been going via internally earlier than her surprising loss of life 60 years in the past at age 36. Ana de Armas brings Marilyn Monroe’s plight to lifestyles in the arguable film.

Ratajkowski compares Marilyn Monroe’s remedy within the media to women of the present day technology who’ve suffered in the public eye. “Look at Amy Winehouse, study Britney Spears, study the way we obsess over [Princess] Diana’s dying,” she added, additionally mentioning “the manner we obsess” over serial killers and shows that depict them.

Ratajkowski says in the video that she has “discovered how to fetishize” her very own ache.

“I can say for myself for positive that I’ve discovered how to fetishize my own pain and my personal harm in lifestyles in order that it appears like some thing that can be tended to.

That’s form of horny, and like, you recognize: ‘I’m like this, oh, f—– up lady, something,'” she stated.

“You recognize what’s kind of difficult to fetishize? Anger,” Ratajkowski stated.

“So, I actually have a proposal. I think we all want to be a touch more pissed off. I’m gonna be in my b—- generation 2022. Baby, [this] is my b—- era. I think we must all be in our b—- era.”

“So finished with the fetishization of woman ache and suffering. B—- Era 2022,” her caption reads. In a pinned remark, she brought: “For analyzing on this !!!

I can recommend Alice Bolin’s Dead Girls and Leslie Jamison’s essay Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain!”

Star Adrien Brody advised The Hollywood Reporter the movie is one this is “supposed to be a disturbing experience.”

Noting how Blonde and the 2000 novel of the same call that it’s far primarily based on are “both rife with topics of exploitation and trauma,” Brody informed the outlet, “Marilyn’s existence, unfortunately, was complete of that.” “I think that for the reason that [the film is] advised on this first-person attitude, it really works somehow for the film to be a demanding experience, because you’re inner of her — her journey and her longings and her isolation — amidst all of this adulation,” he brought.

“It’s courageous, and it takes some time to digest. And I assume it is in conflict with what the public’s belief of her existence is.” Blonde is streaming now on Netflix.