“Empty eyes”: Bryan Kohberger high school photo goes viral amid ongoing Idaho murders investigation

On November 13, 2022, 28-year-old criminal science graduate Bryan Kohberger purportedly killed four College of Idaho understudies in Moscow, Idaho.

All through the examination, a few columnists, netizens, and web investigators have tested Bryan Kohberger’s starting points, attempting to figure out why the apparently typical PhD hopeful might have done such a merciless slaughter.


As per Insider, different sources who professed to know Bryan Kohberger in secondary school gave various records of how he used to be personally. Sezen Kowal, who went to Wonderful Valley Secondary School with Kohberger, said that the suspect used to get harassed by different understudies as a youngster.

Kowal said that their secondary school was situated in an unassuming community with a somewhat affectionate local area.

“It’s an unassuming community. It’s in the Poconos. Everybody knows everybody. We had a huge class — 500 children. In the event that you don’t get out, you’re stuck there for eternity.”
She likewise said:

“(Kohberger) was more overweight and a great deal of children kind of harassed him, sadly. It’s secondary school, I get it was normal around then.”

Casey Arntz, a secondary school companion of Kohberger’s, said that he before long took up enclosing and weightlifting request to get thinner. Arntz noticed that after his actual change, he became forceful. One more previous companion of the suspect’s, Nick McLoughlin, said that a significant number of Kohberger’s companions moved away from him during the last long periods of secondary school.

“He generally needed to battle someone, he was harassing individuals. We got cutting him going from our companion bunch since he was 100% an alternate individual.”
A previous cohort of Kohberger’s at DeSales College examined his considerations on Kohberger.

“He was exceptionally evened out and to some degree forcing. There wasn’t a lot of feeling showed by him.”

Benjamin Roberts, who met Kohberger while at Washington State College, said that the suspect generally needed to appear to be insightful:

“(He) appeared to be agreeable around others. He rushed to express his viewpoint and contemplations. He would depict things in the most muddled, maybe scholarly way that could be available.”
Roberts proceeded:

“It was like he was attempting to persuade individuals that he understood what he was referring to.”