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Erica Stefanko and Chad Cobb, in the year 2012, killed a 25-year-old pizza conveyance young lady named Ashley Biggs.

The case finished in light of the fact that Cobb conceded to the main degree murder of Ashley, however heh case has risen again due to much more proof.

As of late, Erica is likewise blamed for being associated with the homicide of Biggs, so she is additionally being condemned for her wrongdoings.

After this case resuscitating almost 9 years after the fact, individuals are anxious to discover more about the killer and the person in question.

Undoubtedly, concerns in regards to her significant other, age, a tale about the homicide, and her condemning are at their pinnacle.

Erica Stefanko is hitched to her significant other Chad Cobb, who is in jail since 2013, serving life for the homicide of Ashley Biggs.

Erica was hitched to Chad around in the year 2013. Strangely, Chad has a little girl, yet it isn’t with Erica.

Surely, it is with the very individual who he killed, his ex Ashley Biggs.

Erica and her better half dedicated homicide, however she was indicted as of late, after around 8 years of her significant other’s capture.

Erica Stefanko’s age is 38 years of age. Be that as it may, her careful date of birth or birthday isn’t uncovered at this point.

There are various sources on the web that give exact insight about the age of the sentenced killer.

She isn’t on Wikipedia since she is only a sentenced criminal and has not done anything worth focusing on Wikipedia.

Likewise, there isn’t a lot of data with respect to her aside from some other issue than this homicide.

The story with respect to Erica Stefanko and her better half submitting the homicide of Ashley Biggs has gotten famous.

Starting with the main problems, Ashley had a little girl with Erica’s significant other Chad, who was Ashley’s ex.

There was a lawful debate in regards to who gets the guardianship of their youngster among Ashley And Chad.

In this way, Erica and Chad chose to kill Ashley. They requested pizza from her and called her at a quiet space.

There, they first tased her, then, at that point they beat her up and at last choked her the tar out of.

Cobb was before long captured since he confessed to the homicide of his girl’s mom.

Around a year prior, Ashley’s little girl affirmed against her stepmother Erica, and the case turned out to be much more grounded.

What’s more, presently, ultimately, she is seen as blameworthy of being engaged with the homicide and condemned to life and parole following 30 years.