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Etan Kalil Patz was a six years of age youngster when he vanished on May 25, 1979. He vanished from the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, New York while strolling to his school transport stop.

The missing youngster case acquired an upheaval the techniques for finding the missing kids and brought missing kid second with new enactment. He was additionally the main kid to get his image imprinted on milk containers. Allow us to study Etan Patz and investigate his folks and kin.

Etan Patz’s mom’s name is Julie Patz and it is accounted for that she has died starting at 2021. Her child Etan Patz was rarely found and never saw him after the day of his vanishing.

Julie Patz hesitantly consented to let her six years of age stroll without anyone else to the transport on the morning of May 25, 1979. She actually used to cry tears while discussing her lost kid even after more than forty years of the occurrence. Etan Patz was the more youthful offspring of his folks.

Etan’s dad Stanley Patz is an expert picture taker. His folks have moved to Hawaii in the wake of selling their New York home for more than $3.75 million back in 2019. They have moved to begin another section in their life.

Etan Patz had two kin. He had a more established sister named Shira Patz and a brother Ari Patz. Sister Shira was eight years of age at the hour of Etan’s vanishing. Be that as it may, the period of Ari has not risen to the top yet.

Etan Patz’s demise has been a secret that has not been at this point tackled. In spite of the fact that, Pedro Hernandez admitted to tricking the youngster into a storm cellar and killed him around the same time.

The investigators are asserting the proclamation to be bogus and the consequence of long periods of police cross examination and psychological instability of the questioner Pedro. Etan’s body was never found by the FBI or the police associated with the case.