Fact Check: Did Mark Hamill get fired from Jack In The Box?

For cheap food chain Jack in the Box, Star Wars entertainer Mark Hamill is allegedly promoting the renewed introduction of hot chicken fingers and french toast sticks, two of his number one food sources. Many individuals are uninformed that the entertainer was sacked from the drive-through eatery just about a long time back.

While gathering orders in the drive-through window, Hamill attempted to behave like a jokester, which irritated his then-director and prompted his end not long after.


In the wake of finding out about the occurrence, the establishment settled on the choice to send the entertainer back to the drive-through window for their latest ad. The advancement’s inscription peruses:

At the point when clients show up at the drive-through window to get their orders, Hamill should be visible enlightening them regarding his encounters.

In an episode of The Late Show with James Corden from 2019 where he initially told his Jack in the Box story, Mark Hamill

On a 2019 version of The Late Show with James Corden, Mark Hamill and Bradley Whitford showed up. Whitford expressed that prior to stumbling upon the opportunity of a lifetime in Hollywood, he sat tight for Hamill at a café. The Child’s Play star was hailed for tipping him “like a banshee,” too.

Mark Hamill previously shared his Jack in the Box story in a 2019 episode of The Late Show with James Corden He professed to have worked in the kitchen before and communicated a longing to work at the drive-through window. He subsequently considered capitalizing on the open door when it at long last introduced itself and expected a comedian voice while taking telephone orders.

The administration of the shop obviously could have done without this since he excused the entertainer sometime thereafter.

Afterward, Mark Hamill meticulously described the occurrence while addressing Insider. The Star Wars entertainer uncovered to the distribution that he began working for the establishment when he was 18 years of age and a dramatic expressions major at Los Angeles City College.

The craftsman planned to emulate a jokester while “connecting with general society.” Therefore, he tried to play out his best comedian impression whenever he had the opportunity to acknowledge orders at the focus point window. Added him:

Tragically, his administrator requested that he quit since she thought he wasn’t not kidding about the gig. Entertainer playing Batman said:

Subsequently, Mark Hamill’s work with Jack in the Box reached a conclusion. The entertainer offered his thanks for the examples he obtained while working and stated that each life altering situation assists individuals with being prepared for the future and the objectives they have for themselves. Added him:

The cheap food chain saw him in a 2019 meeting, which roused them to create the hilarious ad three years after the fact.