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There are a great deal of homicide cases occurring and it is truly horrendous to hear such news.

Murder is something horrendous itself however what’s more awful is an individual killing one of their own relatives.

A new case happened where a young man was discovered dead and upon examinations, it was found that he was killed by his own mom.

The kid was only a 12-year-old minor who lived with his mom and he needed to die tragically in light of something he won’t ever do.

The lady liable for the homicide is Fallon Harris and individuals are anxious to discover increasingly more with regards to her.

Without a doubt, concerns in regards to her age, spouse, child, the viral video, her capture, and related issue are rising all around the web and media.

The video of the south-Chicago lady was delivered which shows her killing her won child by shooting him on different occasions.

At first, the video was clear and there were just sounds coming from the clasp, however it was clear to comprehend.

There, she was discovered yelling at her child and getting some information about an advanced memory card which was she removed from the vehicle the previous evening.

Then, at that point there was the sound of firing a weapon and the kid crying. From that point onward, she went to one more space for quite a while and returned, when the video was appropriately recorded.

Then, at that point, in the recording, it is seen that she shot her child again and afterward went to educate others that she has shot her own child.

Ultimately, she is presently under police care and will go through preliminary. Since everything is clear and she has conceded to killing her child, she will most likely face a lifelong incarceration.

Fallon Harris was hitched and she has a spouse. In any case, there isn’t a lot of data with respect to what his identity is.

Without a doubt, she even had a child with her better half, however she severely killed her as of late, by shooting him on numerous occasions.

Her child was named Kayden Ingram who was only 12 years of age at the hour of his demise.

Additionally, it was her better half who called the police on Fallon. In the wake of killing their child, she called her better half and said what she did.

Thus, he came to perceive what had occurred and he likewise called the police.

The period of indicted criminal and killer Fallon Harris is 37 years of age.

Nonetheless, there is as of now no data with respect to her careful date of birth. The many sources which have expounded on her case, have given her age.

Fallon Harris isn’t on Facebook actually.

Notwithstanding, there are many sources on the stage that have given data with respect to her case.