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Felicia Kononchuk Tiktok: who is the blameless survivor of a pitiless crime?Know everything about her last TikTok.

An exceptionally dejected second occurred when a 9-year-old Russian young lady was shot dead on the seventeenth of February. The frightened little youngster was gunned by a psychopathic man, who turns out to be her neighbor.


While her father was out, Felicia was separated from everyone else at her home. She was threatened by her insane person neighbor for almost 60 minutes. Notwithstanding, the young lady figured out how to post her last Tiktok video to her companion referencing the frightening involvement in the alcoholic and revolting human, she asserted.

As per the reports, The blameless 9-year-old was shot maliciously, when erroneously opened the entryway. She passed on in her dad’s arms when her helpless dad discovered her covered done with blood.

Name Felicia Kononchuk
Age 9 years (Died February 17, 2021)
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Parents Fyodor and Alena
Tiktok @bypseni1
@bypseni1чaсть1 ##рeк♬ oригинaльный звук – kitti

Felicia TikTok is under the username “@bypseni1”. She ended up posting two recordings portraying her neighbor’s maniac conduct.

The young lady portrayed her circumstance in the video, saying that the man had been thumping noisily for quite a while. The clamor could be heard even in the other room. Simultaneously, likewise referenced that she was home alone with her siblings.

Her pitiful dad posted a video showing a video from the memorial park with a young lady in a coffin that opened before the burial service and her four kin.

“He has been remaining here for a few minutes, thumping and reviling. I’m terrified,” she said by Yahoo News. Felicia lives with her folks and two siblings.

Helpless guardians, Fyodor, 44 years old, and mother Alena,35 years old, are as yet in profound despondency from Felicia’s inauspicious demise. She was an extremely merry and splendid young lady, says her lamenting mother communicating her agony.

She additionally has two siblings matured 4 and 14. Additionally, the Kononchuk family has Russian ethnicity.

@bypseni1чaсть3 ##рeк РАСПРОСТРАНЯЙТЕ.♬ oригинaльный звук – kitti

Vasily Dunets is the killer of 9-year old Felicia. He is 33 years of age and worked in a family unit supplies store.

Dunets, who was supposedly smashed at the hour of the occurrence, was apparently as yet sitting on a close by flight of stairs at the scene when the dad got back to the condo.

Dunets was purportedly disturbed about the loud home fixes coming from the unit. As indicated by Felicia’s mom, they had recently had great relations with the Dunets.

As per police Dunets admitted to the murdering and was kept soon subsequently.

Dunets supposedly shot his chasing rifle through the entryway, striking Kononchuk in the head. He is set to confront a lifelong incarceration whenever indicted.