Felicity De Jager, Randall Cunningham’s Wife – 5 Fast Facts

Felicity De Jager is a committed mother and a gave Christian, beside her way of life as the spouse of Randall Cunningham.

Football Nation has named her better half the 23rd most prominent quarterback of the NFL’s post-consolidation time since July 2012. Messenger Weekly affirms the news while the source closed Randall’s situation to be at 29 for a similar classification this year.


Beside Randall’s NFL history-production achievements, his family deets have likewise turned into the other justification behind his acclaim.

Consequently, individuals near him, including his better half and youngsters, have likewise been unmistakable figures in media and people in general.

Randall Cunningham Wife Felicity De Jager Age Is Four Years Young Than Him  The profound artist Felicity de Jager imparts an incredible compatibility to her better half, the previous sixteen-season veteran NFL quarterback Randall.

It is their fruitful marriage of around thirty years, and they are in a similar age bunch they share. Felicity is as of now 55 years of age, having been born on April 6, 1967, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In the mean time, her hubby was born on March 27, 1963, in Santa Barbara, California, making him 59 years of age starting around 2022. He is four years more senior than his significant other, however the age factor has demonstrated no issues in their marriage.

The Cunningham couple’s marriage is refered to as one of the best in the NFL, while the two are known as the brilliant couple. They birthed four kids in their cheerful marriage of almost thirty years yet just have four youngsters today.

Their third kid, a child, Christian, died in 2012 subsequent to suffocating in a hot tub while unattended at the family home in Las Vegas.

Randall and Felicity currently have a 26-year-old child Randall Jr, a 24-year-old girl Vashti, and a 10-year-old youthful little girl, while different has avoided the spotlight.

The “Powerful Mouse” Mark McMillian had saluted the couple for the introduction of their most youthful kid in 2012 through a tweet.

Felicity De Jager Lives In Las Vegas With Her Family And Church Duties  Randall and Felicity Cunningham established the congregation called Remnant Ministries in Las Vegas in 2004.

From that point forward, several has dedicated themselves to assisting the congregation with succeeding through their family holding and working commitment. While the previous Baltimore Ravens fills in as the Senior Pastor, Felicity follows him close as the congregation’s ladies’ minister.

Their youngsters have additionally upheld two or three’s functions as the entire Cunningham family generally shows up together.

A previous expert ballet performer turned “devoted godly woman,” Felicity likewise co-has the Christian ladies’ TV television show, “A View From Above.”

Her LinkedIn affirms that she is likewise the pioneer and head of “A Time To Dance,” a ceremonial and recognition dance performing expressions organization.

The organization works under the consideration of the Remnant Ministries church. Since she has cut a settled life and works in Las Vegas, she and her family will undoubtedly stay there for the impending age.

Besides, Mrs. Cunningham was an artist for the Dance Theater of Harlem, New York, from 1986 to 1994, making her a New Yorker for a couple of long stretches of her life.

Felicity De Jager And Husband Randall Cunningham Net Worth In 2022  The Remnant Ministries Church International pioneers and minister couple have an incredible standing among their circle and the country.

Beside the noteworthy impact and striking quality, Randall and Felicity have additionally acquired a few great total assets figures.

While the greater part of their abundance was procured before their minister profession, two or three has been making great from their congregation for social assistance and good cause.

While Randall is a renowned resigned NFL quarterback, his total assets is assessed to be around $10 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Starting around 2020, Cunningham is the group cleric for the Las Vegas Raiders. Subsequently, his multi-tycoon status demonstrated to assist with giving himself and his family a blissful way of life.

Then again, Felicity is a previous expert artist work in expressive dance. She began moving at six and sought after a moving profession till the end.

She wandered with Arthur Mitchell’s Dance Theater of Harlem as an expert performing craftsman overall for a considerable length of time.

Hence, Felicity Cunningham’s income and total assets are not to be trifled with, despite the fact that she has not uncovered them yet.

5 Amazing Facts About Felicity De Jager  Felicity De Jager Cunningham was born the center little girl among three young ladies to her South African guardians.  Mrs. Cunningham prepared at City Ballet School in Johannesburg and later accepted her Solo Seal Certificate while additionally going to the University of Cape Town.

She studied at the National Ballet School to additional her moving profession; consequently, she moved to Canada when she was seventeen.  At the point when she wedded her NFL star spouse, Randall, Felicity was 26 years of age. Felicity Cunningham claimed Custom Marble and Granite from 1995 to 1998, after her union with Randall.