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#FindSai is a pattern on Twitter that is being directed to discover a lady named Sai. #FindSai is a new Twitter pattern. It showed up on the seventeenth of February and is continuing forward with over 1million tweets. This is circulating around the web everywhere on the world.

In any case, a great deal of disarray has raised with respect to the pattern, its authenticity. So here is some data in regards to the twitter pattern and the lady named Sai Land. Everything identified with it is clarified further in the article.

#FindSai is a pattern on Twitter that is being directed to discover a lady named Sai. Everything began after @thesudani initially posted that Sai had posted a video on her story that she has been held in a cellar.

The Instagram video by Sai showed a dim space where she is saying that a Latino man 40-50 years and 5 feet 10 inches tall had held her and he could be back whenever. The video additionally said that she required assistance.

As per the reports, indeed, Sai Land is a trans lady. She is supposed to be in Cincinnati Ohio, Hamilton. Be that as it may, her identity isn’t known. However, her identity is dark. Thus alongside #FindSai, there is likewise #BlackLivesmatter and #TransLivesMatter moving on Twitter.

This pattern is being dubious increasingly more as time is cruising by. Bogus word is getting out everywhere on the web. Suppositions are streaming over similarly high. Essentially, the hashtag is dramatically overemphasizing now.

Supposedly, Sai has just admitted that she is back and safe. However, there are hypotheses that say, Sai may be compelled to say that after the moving video.

Another hypothesis says that there is no lady called Sai and everything around it is phony. There is a raising support crusade coordinated at GoFundMe. The objective is 60 thousand dollars and it has procured, 41 thousand dollars as of now.