Five terrifying details surrounding the murder of Texas pathologist Dr. Joseph Sonnier


Five alarming subtleties encompassing the homicide of Texas pathologist Dr. Joseph Sonnier Dr. Joseph Sonnier, a pathologist from Lubbock, Texas, was killed in his own home, leaving the police and his friends and family with a path of unanswered inquiries. With each upsetting disclosure, the case got much more odd than it previously was: a homicide for-enlist plot, a tangled circle of drama, and two harmed families (those of the person in question and the killer).

Following David Shepard’s conviction for the homicide in 2013, it has been north of a decade since the horrendous homicide of a notable specialist, whose passing was the result of a half-baked plot. Presently, NBC Dateline is at last going to investigate the case.

Thomas Dixon, an alternate specialist, was evidently at the center, all things considered, Thomas Dixon was his ex-charmed sweetheart’s and fanciful beau.

This Saturday, August 13, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. ET, NBC will communicate the Lone Star Obsession episode. The synopsis peruses:

“Specialists are bewildered concerning why somebody would wish to kill a specialist when he is seen as expired. Police track down a circle of drama and seething feelings of hatred. On Saturday, August 13 at 9/8c on NBC, Andrea Canning will report.

1) Stalking of Joseph Sonnier and his sweetheart The connection between Joseph Sonnier and Richelle Shetina is said to have rankled Dr. Thomas Dixon. As per the indictment, he so took care of his buddy David Shepard to track down Sonnier and afterward murder him.

Shetina purportedly expressed that when weird things began occurring, she was in Los Angeles and on a unique outing to Paris to praise her 50th birthday celebration with Sonnier. An odd letter that professed to be from Sonnier’s ex welcomed her when she returned home in February 2012, a couple of months before the homicide, and she guaranteed she had been followed.

2) He was killed around two years after his significant other died. On the second demise commemoration of their mom’s homicide, Joseph Sonnier’s youngsters in Texas learned of their dad’s passing. Sonnier’s subsequent spouse, Becky Gallegos, was purportedly shot and killed on July 12, 2010, by her subsequent husband, who then shot himself in the head. Sonnier was found dead inside his Lubbock house subsequent to being shot and cut.

James and Joseph Sonnier, Sonnier’s children, made an announcement that read, “My brother and I additionally lost our mom a long time back, unfortunately, in spite of the fact that for exceptionally inconsequential reasons. We can completely express that there is no association between the two conditions.”

3) Sonnier accidentally became entangled in a troublesome circle of drama. At the point when Dr. Joseph Sonnier started dating Richelle Shetina in July 2011, he unexpectedly entered a circle of drama. Dr. Thomas Dixon, an Amarillo plastic specialist, and Shetina recently had a close connection. Following a while of high points and low points, Shetina cut off their friendship.

Dixon probably had a fixation on her and would do all that to win her back. Be that as it may, for this situation, he should have simply disposed of Sonnier and hang tight for her to come running back to him. Far better, he paid Shepard, a companion of his, to “make a wedge” between the two. In any case, the employed professional killer truly killed the planned casualty.

4) Joseph Sonnier was not David Shepard’s planned casualty. Assassin David Shepard said that neither he nor the specialist who employed him for the hit never planned to kill the casualty in the particular homicide instance of Texas specialist Joseph Sonnier. Shepard purportedly revealed the subtleties of what occurred on the July night when they initially met and killed Sonnier. He expressed:

“It became wild. Firearm coincidentally released. I’m crushing nearer to beware of him. In the wake of falling into the window, I rapidly pivot to see what’s going on. Dr. Sonnier, would you say you are alright? I inquired. Go into the carport on the off chance that you hear nothing. He is lying face down. I get his last breath. I lower down. No heartbeat is available.”

Furthermore, Shepard said that he purportedly wounded Sonnier in an imbecilic and stupid endeavor to conceal what he professed to be a unintentional manslaughter. Added he,

“He was cut by me a few times. The arraignment’s gauge of the number and I can’t concur. Eleven, I accept they expressed. I was holding Dr. Sonnier’s telephone and pondered dialing 911 to contact the police, however I ruled against it. I then, at that point, set it back in, dismantled his body parts, attempted to conceal it, and caused it to seem, by all accounts, to be something different.”

5) Hayley, Shepard’s little girl, gave an insubordinate declaration. David Shepard said in his initial admissions to killing Joseph Sonnier that he did as such at Thomas Dixon’s solicitation after the last option gave him three silver bars and different resources in return for Sonnier’s homicide. Around two years after the fact, during Dixon’s preliminary, he was critical observer.

Shepard, who had recently consented to a supplication understanding, suddenly changed his story while affirming, demanding that Dixon didn’t have anything to do with it. He said that he did everything all alone. A halted jury brought about a legal blunder being proclaimed for the situation.

Haley Shepard, David Shepard’s girl, gave the most persuading declaration for the arraignment in the Amarillo specialist’s 2015 retrial, guaranteeing that she figured her dad might have lied after swearing to tell the truth during the underlying preliminary to help his mate and implied business partner, Dixon.

This Saturday, August 13, at 9 p.m. ET, NBC Dateline will air the total Joseph Sonnier account.