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On February 13, 1979, Fjotolf Hansen was born. He is an extreme right Norwegian homegrown psychological oppressor who completed the 2011 Norway assaults on July 22, 2011.

On that day, he killed eight individuals at Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo with a vehicle bomb, then, at that point, 69 individuals at a Workers’ Youth League (AUF) day camp on the island of Utya in a mass shooting.

Kindly take a look at this article to study his criminal history. Fjotolf Hansen Wikipedia: Everything We Know Fjotolf is remembered for Wikipedia’s true page. We might find data about his own subtleties just as criminal cases on this site.

As indicated by Wikipedia, he was detained for splashing spray painting on dividers at 16 years old and was not picked for enrollment into the Norwegian Armed Forces. He joined the counter migration, conservative Progress Party at 20 years old and headed the party’s childhood segment in Vest Oslo in 2002.

In 2005, he turned into an individual from a guns club, and in 2006, he quit the Progress Party. His firm, which he began, was ultimately announced bankrupt. As per Norwegian expense official records, he had no expressed pay in 2009, and his resources were 390,000 kroner (equivalent to $72,063).

He paid for the fear carries on of his own wallet, adding up to €130,000. Who Were His Victims? Preliminary Video Breivik was viewed as at legitimate fault for mass homicide, setting off a deadly blast, and illegal intimidation during his preliminary in July 2012. Still up in the air to be insane and liable for the killings of 77 people.

He was condemned to 21 years in prison, with at least 10 years in jail and the capability of at least one augmentations however long he is viewed as a danger to society.

In Norway, this is the most extreme punishment. Breivik said that he didn’t recognize the court’s legitimacy. Consequently he didn’t acknowledge its decision and picked not to pursue, asserting that doing as such would authentic the Oslo District Court’s power.

Breivik was assessed by two groups of measurable therapists requested by the court before his preliminary. Breivik was determined to have suspicious schizophrenia by the primary group. Telemark District Court started a four-day preliminary on January 18, 2022, to decide if to topple or maintain the District Attorney’s parole dismissal.

Breivik’s attorney has mentioned that the preliminary be put in a court rather than at the prison in 2022. His 2012 preliminary video is accessible on the web, similar to his latest preliminary video, got to on

Fjotolf Hansen Aka Anders Behring Breivik Family His dad’s name is Jens Breivik, and his mom’s name is Wenche Behring, as indicated by explicit web sources. Jens is a 86-year-old Diplomat, and his better half, Wenche, is 76 years of age and functioned as an attendant.

Fjotolf has a sister named Elisabeth Breivik, notwithstanding his family. Tragically, there isn’t a lot of data on his sister on the web. Notwithstanding, we are doing everything we can to gain all of the data we can about the Hansen family so we can stay up with the latest as fast as could be expected.