Fleur Cates Wikipedia: Meet Benjamin Netanyahu’s Ex-Wife

Fleur Cates (presently Harlan) is the ex of Benjamin Netanyahu, an American altruist. Benjamin Cates, Fleur Cates’ ex, is an Israeli lawmaker who filled in as Israel’s 10th State head from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to 2021.

Fleur Cates Wikipedia Fleur was born in Britain, however the exact date and area are obscure.


She holds a B.A. from Cambridge College in Britain and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business college in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an incredibly educated person.

Fleur and her ex Netanyahu met in 1978 while working at the Boston Counseling Gathering, fell head over heels, and started an issue.

Netanyahu was hitched at that point, and his significant other Miriam Weizmann was anticipating. His marriage ended not long after when his significant other found his sentiment with Fleur Cates. In 1981, Netanyahu wedded Fleur, who changed over completely to Judaism and went to Israel with him. Their marriage, nonetheless, didn’t keep going long; they separated in 1984.

Fleur Cates serves on the Gathering of Consultants of the US Studies Center, is a Legal administrator of The Manhattan Foundation, and is an individual from Business Chiefs for Public safety, an unprejudiced association of senior chiefs who utilize their business experience to help government pioneers in executing answers for public safety issues. She right now lives in Manhattan, New York.

Fleur Cates’ Ex Facts Netanyahu, Fleur Cates’ ex, was the second of three kids. He was born and brought up in Jerusalem, where he went to Henrietta Szold Grade School.

As indicated by a duplicate of his 6th grade instructor Ruth Rubenstein’s report, Netanyahu was gracious, courteous, and supportive; his work was “mindful and dependable”; and he was benevolent, restrained, happy, fearless, dynamic, and obedient.


  • Fleur Cates’ ex is the traditional Likud Party’s chief.
  • He is alluded to as “Bibi” across Israel.
  • Fleur Cates’ ex is the principal Israeli top state leader born after the foundation of the state in 1948.
  • Yonatan Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s brother, was killed fighting in 1976 while guiding a mission to save Israeli travelers on board a commandeered Air France plane.
  • In 1979 and 1984, Netanyahu held two global gatherings on strategies to handle psychological oppression.
  • He “experienced childhood in the US and went to secondary school in Philadelphia.”