Florida alleged armed robber claims ‘I’m from Chicago, bro,’ leaves when clerk displays gun


A man nonchalantly conveying a shotgun and professing to be from Chicago strolled into a Florida odds and ends shop during an endeavored theft yet left when a representative showed his own weapon, specialists said.

Rakim Stephen Tate, 32, settled on a terrible choice that “turned into a more regrettable choice” when he strolled into an odds and ends shop on Sept. 9 with a noticeable shotgun to his side, the Escambia Province Sheriff’s Office said Monday.


He is accused of straightforwardly conveying a denied weapon and endeavored burglary with a gun.

Tate strolled around the store for a couple of moments before a representative out of view from a camera in the store is heard conversing with him, as per security film. The representative obviously seen Tate furnishing himself before he entered the store and went into a back space to arm himself with his own weapon, specialists said.

“I don’t have only good intentions, I’m only not from around here,” Tate is heard saying while at the same time holding his weapon. “I got a big (exclamation) (swearword) weapon, however I’m not from around this is what I’m talking about. I’m from Chicago brother.”

Tate is heard requesting the worker what kind from weapon he is holding. The representative answers before Tate gradually leaves the store.

“He then, at that point, bumbles for words, falling back on good for nothing chatter about being from Chicago,” the sheriff’s office said in a proclamation. “Words appear to bomb you when your crime endeavor is obstructed by legitimate and honest power.”

Escambia District Sheriff’s Office Tate was captured on Sept. 15 in St Nick Rose District, specialists said, adding “You’re not in Chicago any longer; you’re not kidding.”

The Benelli shotgun he supposedly utilized was likewise recuperated, specialists said.