#ForeverYoung! Actress Nse Ikpe-Etim Is Feeling 28 As She Celebrates 48th Birthday


The notable Nollywood entertainer Nse Ikpe-Etim has matured a year. The entertainer will commend her birthday on October 21, 2022, a Friday. Ikpe-Etim, who as of late turned 48, praised the day on Instagram. Elsewhere in the world, Uche Ogbodo, an entertainer, got clashing remarks online in the wake of transferring an exquisite photograph of her child.

A few guardians, including Uche, regularly squabble about their kid’s striking resemblance.


On Saturday morning, the entertainer transferred a preview of her child and interrogated her companions and supporters concerning the similitudes.

She composed: Goddess and her Rabbit. I have 3 Inquiries pls answer the ones you can.

Is it genuine my Rabbit Appears as though me or her father? Is it genuine Rabbit’s nose is level like mine? Is it Genuine my Rabbit is more Gorgeous than me? Pls be Fair and Legit

True to form a large number of her fans took to the remark segment spouting over the entertainer’s wonderful child with exquisite commendations.

Moreover, a few allies stated that Uche’s child looks like her dad and shares specific different characteristics practically speaking with her.

whiteangel6279 expressed: “Her father .. Obviously, you know No too yes she got your nose 3 haha Dnt attempt to think about na you know the response as of now. Be that as it may, consistently ask she be awesome of your adaptation altogether. God Favor”

mbgboy.update expressed: “She’s more lovely than you, seem to be her father however the nose cha”

divine_iremide stated: “1, she seems to be her father”

uchayharmony_ stated: “rabbit seems to be her father… .yes she has charming level nose, your own nose is obsolete ( Sorry sister) … Rabbit is far Gorgeous than you… rabbit love take your blossoms .. sorry I’m 100% legitimate”

magret__officialbaby stated: “Which appear as though you looks more 💯 percent her father”

adaoraukoh stated: “Your Oga do u this one o!!! DNA himself. So lovely my UCHE”

divine_tinna expressed: “She is more gorgeous seems to be Father and has her Father’s nose not yours those noses will come up she is an exceptionally lovely young lady simply begin preparing a police canine”

vera_for_shizzle stated: “She seems to be her Father, Indeed, she took ur nose. Indeed, way prettier and sweet”