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Francis Wayne Alexander is recognized as the new casualty whose remains have been found in Gacy’s Crawl Space.

John Wayne Gacy, otherwise called the Killer Clown, was an American chronic executioner and sex guilty party.

No less than 33 youngsters and young men were attacked and killed by the chronic executioner John Wayne.

Gacy habitually showed up at youngsters’ emergency clinics and beneficent occasions as “Pogo the Clown” or “Fixes the Clown,” personas he made.

Francis Wayne Alexander is one of the numerous survivors of the chronic executioner John Wayne Gacy.

Francis’ remaining parts have been found in the Gacy’s unfinished plumbing space in December 1978. He is the third casualty recognized to be distinguished after Sheriff Tom Dart returned the case in 2011.

Lt. Jason Moran of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, who is driving the examination, said Alexander’s family felt a solid feeling of conclusion in the wake of hearing the news.

As per Sheriff Thomas Dart, the family at first trusted Alexander had deliberately removed correspondence with them.

However, in the wake of discovering reality with regards to Francis, the family is disheartened by his passing and have reviled the executioner.

Francis Wayne Alexander was just 21 years of age when he left.

That implies that was the age he was killed by the Killer Clown John.

Alexander lived on Chicago’s North Side. Subsequent to getting hitched in New York, he moved to the city in 1975 and worked in different bars and clubs.

The main thing that connected Alexander to different casualties was that he lived in the North Side area that Gacy focused on.

He lived on Winona Street, only a couple of squares from casualty Bill Bundy.

Alexander was one of numerous casualties found in the home’s unfinished plumbing space, where Gacy covered the bodies with corrosive and lime.

At this point, the reports about the killing isn’t yet been known.

Also, it may never be known as the bodies were completely disintegrated and just the bones could remain.

As said before, the bodies were covered with corrosive and limes so that no hints of wounds or assaults could be found.

Francis Wayne Alexander became more acquainted with reality with regards to Francis following 45 years of reasoning that he may have continued on.

Francis moved with his family to New York where he got hitched.

Also, subsequent to getting hitched he moved to Chicago in 1975 later getting separated and vanishing.

Cairenn Binder a legal genealogist said they had the option to discover his family through a molar to a few individuals from his genealogical record on the ancestry site.

Alexander’s family has honored Alexander and different casualties who were killed by the malicious man.