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Honest Hassle and Boogie2988 have become harsh adversaries. Everything started when Hassle got prohibited in before September 2020. Their quarrel is as yet moving over web-based media, including Reddit and Twitter.

So what had occurred? We should become more acquainted with. Boogie and Frank Hassle are both well known YouTubers and renowned web-based media characters.

Boogie2988, otherwise known as Steven Jay Williams, has more than 4 million endorsers until further notice. Similarly, Frank Hassle is another YouTuber who has been restricted from before September 2020.

The two have been battling for some time, and their aversion has soared over Reddit and Twitter. Honest Hassle and Boogie2988 dramatization return us approach to early September 2020.

After Hassle was de-platformed from his channel, he reprimanded Booggie2988 for it. Then again, Boogie whined about Hassle’s following against him.

Also, Hassle was intending to harras Boogie over the Twitter stage. Things went far more atrocious when the two of them started compromising one another.

Here’s a video of Boogie2988 pointed a weapon at Frank Hassle when he turned up at Boogie’s home. He even supposedly terminated a round into the air.

Youtuber Boogie2988 has a capture warrant out for his capture in Washington County. Williams, otherwise known as Boogie, was captured on a charge of attack on May 11, 2021, alongside a $5,000 bond.

Youtuber Keemstar affirmed to Boogie2988 that this charge was identified with his encounter with Hassle. To make things even most noticeably terrible, Frank Hassle posted a picture of a capture warrant taunting Boogie.

Youtuber Hassle inscribed saying “I trust he gets the assistance he needs.” As of ongoing news, Boogie2988 says he will help out the specialists over the attack charge.