Gabriel Fernandez Crime Scene Photos | Death Cause And Murder Case

The awful Gabriel Fernandez murder case stunned everybody with its numerous terrible perspectives. Gabriel Fernandez, 8, was violently attacked and killed by his mom, Pearl Fernandez, and her beau, Arnold Contreras, in Palmdale, California, in 2013.

Gabriel had skull cracks, rib breaks, consumes, and shots. The indictment referred to his maltreatment as “a sort of torment, for quite a long time, many days, not weeks but rather months.” Gabriel died from his wounds on May 24, 2013, regardless of a few warnings to social administrations and police implementation.

The case incited irateness and kid government assistance change in the media. Gabriel Fernandez’s crime location pictures show guardians’ terrible demonstrations and a messed up youngster government assistance framework.

Demise Cause: Gabriel Fernandez Crime location Photographs
Gabriel Fernandez’s crime location photos are among the most disastrous kid misuse pictures of ongoing years. Gabriel Fernandez, 8, from Palmdale, California, was mishandled and tormented for a really long time before his mom, Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and her accomplice, Isauro Aguirre, killed him on May 24, 2013.

He was tormented for quite a long time at Pearl and Isauro Aguirre’s home. Watchers ought to utilize judgment because of the kid’s outrageous torture. Standard beatings caused cracked bones, constrained eating of feline litter and feces, upchuck, and spoiled or terminated feasts, smoking being set burning, and being shot on different occasions with a BB firearm in the face and groin.

He was pepper-splashed, made to wear ladies’ garments, tied and choked in a little cabinet, and having his teeth demolished with a bat.

His kin said Fernandez’s mom and stepfather giggled at him while abusing him. Investigators say Aguirre attacked Fernandez in light of the fact that he thought she was gay. The attack and torment designated Fernandez yet additionally his kin.

Pearl Fernandez revealed her kid Gabriel Fernandez was not breathing to 9-1-1 on May 22, 2013. Fernandez was lethally beaten by his mom and Aguirre for not cleaning his toys.

Specialists on call tracked down him stripped and harmed on the ground. Aguirre said Fernandez was “gay.” Paramedics pronounced him cerebrum dead and took him to the clinic. On May 24, 2013, he died at Youngsters’ Clinic Los Angeles two days after the fact. The authority dissection tracked down severe power wounds, carelessness, and craving killed him at eight.

Update on Gabriel Fernandez’s Homicide
Gabriel died after extreme and extended physical and psychological mistreatment, as indicated by his dissection. The eight-year-old adolescent died at 59 pounds, well beneath the standard for his age. Pearl and Arnold Contreras raised Gabriel Fernandez.

Arnold was Pearl’s darling for a really long time before Gabriel’s introduction to the world. Gabriel was presented to Pearl and Arnold’s substance abuse and conjugal savagery as a youngster. Gabriel died matured 8 of every 2013 from his folks’ physical viciousness and disregard.

Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras were sentenced for Gabriel’s homicide in 2018. Contreras got capital punishment, while Fernandez got existence without any chance to appeal. The case brought issues to light of youngster misuse and disregard in the US and changed California kid government assistance regulation.