Gemma Mckeown Speaks About Her Daughter Megan Reid 16 Days After Her Death


The crushed mother of a young person who ended it all has revolted against how her girl was “harmed” by long stretches of sexual torment because of her own dad.

At Glasgow High Court, Joseph McGinn was indicted for physically mishandling Megan and a second obscure casualty and condemned to 18 years in jail.

Then again, Gemma expressed that after his sentence, her girl was so “harmed” by the maltreatment that she was unable to deal with how it affected her.

The lamenting mother allegedly expressed that Megan was “squashed” by the reaction of some more distant family individuals who considered the girl a “liar.” “Megan was a wonderful youngster, yet what happened on her left side her shattered and broken,” Gemma proceeded.

Celtic Football Club directed a snapshot of commendation for the youthful teen who unfortunately died before start off versus St Johnstone on April 9.

Who Is Megan Reid And What Happened To Her? Megan Reid was a youngster who ended her own life in the wake of being physically manhandled by her father at 17 years old.

Megan, a 17-year-old from Livingston in West Lothian, died on April fifth. Gemma recollected her girl as a “brilliant, energetic, and scholarly” young lady who was her “best sidekick.” Megan even wrote in her disastrous self destruction letter that she adored her mom so much and asked her not to fault herself.

Her dad was condemned to 18 years after he was viewed as at real fault for physically attacking Megan and another lady, whose name has not been revealed at this point. Look into Mom Gemma Mckeown And Dad Joseph McGinn Her dad, Joseph McGinn, was indicted for physically mishandling her two years earlier, in 2019. Terrible McGinn started mishandling Megan in 2008 when she was just four years of age.

Megan’s mom, Gemma Mckeown, 34, found the awful reality on Mother’s Day 2018 when a valiant 13-year-old Megan educated her about the profundity regarding McGinn’s demonstrations.

Whenever Gemma enlightened the Daily Record concerning Megan’s vanishing, she portrayed it as “the most awful shock of her life.” A GoFundMe page has been laid out to help Megan’s family with memorial service and different costs.

The amount Is The Jail Time For Dad Joseph McGinn An extremely appalling occasion prompted the death of a young woman. Her demise is depicted as a self destruction subsequent to being physically attacked by her own father. Many individuals are interested regarding what the prison time or discipline could be for her father, Joseph McGinn.

McGinn was indicted blameworthy for physically manhandling Megan on October 17, October 2019 at Glasgow High Court and condemned to 18 years in jail.

We can’t envision the aggravation of Megan’s loved ones. Her mom is the most crushed individual as she is attempting to figure out how to defeat the misfortune.