George and Amal Clooney Are a Glamorous Pair at ‘Ticket to Paradise’ Red Carpet Premiere

George and Amal Clooney dressed to astonish for the London presentation of George’s new lighthearted comedy, Pass to Heaven.

Amal wore a mint-green chevron-printed outfit that was done off with sequins. She coordinated the look with hanging gem bands and a solid red lip. The 44-year-old Lebanese-English legal counselor had one arm around her soul mate, the other beautified with a likewise shimmering arm band, while in her grip, she grasped a gold hold.

To the extent that concerns him, Clooney was savvy as reliably in a maritime power blue tuxedo, which he coordinated with a white shirt. The 61-year-old performer completed the look with several maritime power blue dress shoes.

The couple, who are gatekeepers to 5-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella, emitted an impression of being participating in their memorable night, and were all smiles while introducing on privileged pathway.

Following snapping a couple of free shots, the fabulous couple was joined on the mat by George’s Pass to Heaven co-star, Julia Roberts, who shocked in a dim, printed dress and managed coat.

The film, out this fall, marks George and Julia’s long awaited return to rom-coms and their film gathering, six years after they last participated in Cash Beast.

In the essential power trailer, which dropped in June, fans got their most paramount gander at their freshest positions: Exes running into one another for their daughter’s wedding – – and they’re not precisely amped up for it.

Notwithstanding their heartbreaking marriage, the two team up to misdirect their daughter (played by Kaitlyn Dever) into emptying her soul mate since they trust she’s committing a mistake.

Set in Bali, the two leave on a way of meddling canvassed in divorcé quarreling. However, will their island time reignite a couple of shines? Reality will surface in the long run!