Georgia man arrested for allegedly bringing guns in vehicle on US Capitol grounds

A Georgia man who guaranteed he needed to drop reports off at the High Court on Wednesday was captured for conveying weapons on US Legislative center grounds, as per specialists.

Tony Payne, 80, purportedly had the disallowed weapons inside his little white van, which was illicitly stopped along the 100 block of East Legislative center Road at around 3:45 p.m., US State house Police said.

Officials arrested the driver after he conceded to having firearms with him, police said.

Two handguns and a shotgun were found inside the van, police said.

Specialists at first viewed as the van a “dubious vehicle” and encompassed the vehicle while shutting down roads around the Legislative hall and High Court for quite a long time.

Cops likewise found a line during an inquiry of the van before it was at last cleared.

Another man and a lady were likewise in the vehicle, and were momentarily confined, however were not captured, police said.

The gathering told agents they were there to convey archives to the High Court, police said, however it hazy what the particular papers were.

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