Gerard Butler Says He Was ‘Burning Alive’ After Accidentally Rubbing Acid on His Face While Filming

Gerard Head servant truly dedicated to his new job in Plane. The Scottish entertainer, 53, uncovered on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday that, while recording a scene in which he plays a pilot in the new film, he coincidentally consumed his eyes, nose and throat with phosphoric corrosive.

“Regardless of what I’m doing, I figure out how to hurt myself,” Steward kidded to Seth Meyers, prior to concurring with the host that he was “normally ungainly.” The entertainer then, at that point, portrayed his most recent injury, during a scene where he was “attempting to find something amiss with the plane before we can take off for this last succession,” he reviewed.

“Presently I’m staying my hand between these two wheels, sort of imagining that I understand what I’m doing,” Head servant said.

“Each time I bring my hands out, they’re canvassed in blood and green liquid, correct? Also, I’m as, ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea what this green liquid is.’ ”

The 300 star then, at that point, added that they were shooting in Puerto Rico, where he was “shrouded in sweat” from the intensity.

“I’m scouring my face and, abruptly, it’s in my throat. It’s in my mouth. It’s up my nose. It’s in my eyes,” Steward proceeded. “It’s consuming my face — and I mean consuming.”

He added, “It just so happens, this is basically phosphoric corrosive.” And keeping in mind that genuine aircraft pilots watching the scene on searched in appearing alarm, Head servant said team individuals pondered whether to toss water all over. “What’s more, I’m simply, such as, consuming alive,” he said. “It was serious.”

The star fortunately recuperated, despite the fact that he added that it “consumed for quite a long time” — “However it was perfect for the succession,” he said with a snicker.

Steward’s most recent on-set injury comes five years later, in 2017, he conceded he had been hospitalized multiple times that year alone.

Around the time he was harmed in a cruiser mishap in Los Angeles, Steward uncovered to Meyers, 49, that he love hazardous way of behaving, and, surprisingly, infused himself with honey bee toxin — two times! — trying to treat some excruciating aggravation.

Steward likewise experienced a close demise riding mishap in 2012, in which he was pulled submerged and hauled over a reef in Northern California while shooting the surf film Of Men and Nonconformists. “I planned to return that day,” the star said on the U.K’s. The Graham Norton Show about his affection for the game.

“I was in the emergency vehicle and needed to return, which was somewhat insane, yet it’s really habit-forming.” Plane is in theaters now.