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Gholam Ruhani conveyed the triumph discourse from the official royal residence of Afghanistan after the Afgan President Ashraf Ghani escaped to adjoining Uzbekistan. The assailant bunch likewise announced Afghanistan as an Islamic country.

In his triumph discourse, Gholam affirmed he was held in the Guantanamo Bay jail for a very long time, he was delivered subsequent to persuading the authorities he was just a businessperson helping Americans and guaranteed he was headed to his local nation Afghanistan.

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Taliban Commander Gholam Ruhani was a previous prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a US office to confine the world’s famous fear based oppressors.

Ruhani was blamed for working with the Taliban as a security specialist for a delayed time frame. Notwithstanding, he by one way or another figured out how to accommodation the authorities of being a basic retailer helping Americans.

His guarantee of getting back to Afghanistan to deal with his debilitated dad lead him to his delivery from jail.

Gholam Ruhani doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile for his wiki and bio yet, him being a head of an aggressor bunch clarifies the shortage of data about his own life on the web.

In any case, as indicated by OutLook India, Ruhani was born in the Ghazni space of Afghanistan and was raised there. He escaped the nation and wound up in Iran during the Afghan-Soviet conflict and later got back to his nation of origin in 1992.

The commandant additionally admitted to getting a four-year preparing on insight in Kabul to the US military and added his brother-in-law was the head of knowledge of the Taliban.

Gholam Ruhani is a hitched man as he has referenced his brother-in-law on different events.

Notwithstanding, the data about Gholam Ruhani’s better half has not risen to the top yet, he uncovered nothing about his wedded life or his significant other on the web or to the overall population through his press meets.

Gholam’s family comes from the Ghazni district of Afghanistan. He was born there to his folks. Ruhani’s dad was a businessperson around there.

Data about his mom has not risen to the top yet. He has not uncovered the character or names of his dad and mom yet. Essentially, data about his kin has likewise not risen to the top yet.

On one event, he additionally persuaded the US military about his dad being debilitated and he needs to go to Afghanistan to deal with him while being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as per Daily Mail. However, the legitimacy of his assertion stays dubious as it very well may be obviously false to get away from the jail.

Gholam Ruhani’s total assets could be around $1 at least million. Notwithstanding, he uncovered nothing about his total assets or fortune yet. As the head of an assailant bunch, he might have saved a tremendous fortune for himself.