“God Fixes Things In His Own Time” May Edochie Breaks Silence Days After Yul Unfollowed Her

May Yul Edochie, the alienated spouse of entertainer, Yul Edochie, has many motivations to adulate God notwithstanding her conjugal difficulties.

Taking to Instagram, May expressed that in spite of the circumstance, she would give God acclaim.


She noticed how God sees all things and fixes everything time permitting.

“In each circumstance, I will give God acclaim. He sees all, he knows all and He fixes all at His time @nkeoma remains my triumph tune”.

This is coming days later, Yul Edochie alluded to the separation as he unfollowed May on Instagram.

After the news broke out of his treachery, May Yul Edochie disavowed Yul and unfollowed him via virtual entertainment.

Nonetheless, Yul Edochie was all the while following her and remarking on her page.

The entertainer celebrated with his significant other and child when they stowed a colossal support seven days back.

KFN did a mind his Instagram page and saw he had dropped a devotee.

Being curious, we dove into it and saw that the entertainer was done following his significant other.

Kemi Filani news reviews that May Yul Edochie had left her fans in amazement of her magnificence.

The mother of four shared some running photographs of herself which left her fans spouting over her magnificence.

May Yul Edochie went with her wonderful post with a statement from Criss Jami, which fixated on checking out at the magnificence regardless.

From the statement, we were intended to comprehend that in all circumstances, we ought to check out at its magnificence.

Indeed, it appeared May Yul Edochie was in a roundabout way addressing herself, to check out at the magnificence of her conjugal emergency.

Since her better half hitched a subsequent spouse, May had been pushed into the spotlight.

The fair looking excellence had gotten large number of adoration from Nigerians and has likewise packed away a few underwriting bargains.

The post peruses, “We are frequently educated to search for the magnificence in every way, so in finding it, the layman asks the thinker while the scholar asks the photographic artist… .Criss Jami”.