Gogo Florence – Ivy Nkutha Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Ivy Nkutha is a veteran entertainer known for her job in the Generation as Goga Florence. The South-African-born entertainer is standing out as truly newsworthy after she was erroneously revealed dead.

She was accounted for dead by iHarare news on Monday morning subsequent to getting confounded by an Instagram post by Lucy Diale, an individual entertainer and on-screen girl of Ivy Nkutha.

Allow us to get familiar with Ivy Nkutha and investigate her life. Gogo Florence also known as Ivy Nkutha from Generation is at 80 years old years old starting at 2021. She was born in the year 1941.

The veteran entertainer commends her birthday on August 20 consistently. She was born in Alexandra, South Africa. As per her date of birth, Ivy has obtained Leo as her zodiac sign. Individuals with Leo as their zodiac sign will in general be extremely driven and legit.

Ivy Nkutha is joyfully hitched to her better half. She has been hitched for more than 50 years now. Be that as it may, the entertainer has figured out how to get the name of her significant other far from the eye of people in general.

She has never uncovered the name of her better half. The couple had three youngsters, two young ladies, and a kid. Be that as it may, the kid died of pneumonia as per an article distributed by Vantu News. Much data about the names and whereabouts of the couple and their youngsters isn’t known as of now.

Ivy Nkutha otherwise known as Gogo Florence, entertainer from Generations was accounted for dead by iHarare on Monday morning. In any case, the news was a misstep and the veteran entertainer is a lot of alive and healthy to the extent known.