‘Gold Rush’ ‘s Fred Lewis Calls Transition from Military to Civilian Life ‘One of the Hardest Things’

Fred Lewis is drilling down into the troubles he encountered subsequent to leaving the military.

The Gold Rush star, who drives a group of all veterans on the hit Disclosure series, is currently in his third year of mining.


In any case, well before he joined the business, Lewis served in the Military for a considerable length of time. He then attempted to change after he left.

“My change from the military to regular citizen life was quite possibly of the hardest thing I’ve encountered,” Lewis tells Individuals solely.

“I went from the head of the natural pecking order to the base in numerous ways. The way of life of military life is unique. Regular people are unique in relation to soldiers and adjusting to this over a brief timeframe while figuring out how to manage new handicaps and attempting to fit in a world that is unfamiliar to you is enormously muddled.”

Lewis adds, “Most vets, myself included, don’t need anybody realizing they are battling so this is frequently managed alone.”

For quite a long time, Lewis endeavored to reacclimate before he went to a versatile games camp in Tampa that injury up completely changing him.

“Interestingly since my release from the military I saw different vets that I knew and presented with, vets that were in comparable or more awful of circumstances than I was, yet they were flourishing,” he makes sense of. “Being with them and hearing their accounts roused me and significantly altered the manner in which I took a gander at life,” he proceeds.

“After that camp, I zeroed in on wellbeing and wellness, quit taking the small bunches of pills I was requiring consistently and drove myself to recuperate really.

This certainty got me to [be on] American Ninja Champion as a candidate two times and in spite of the fact that I didn’t get along admirably, it demonstrated to me I could accomplish more.

I then got the call to go with Dash for unheard of wealth group pioneer Parker Schnabel to Papua New Guinea as a doctor and security fellow and the rest is history.”

Presently, Lewis drives a team of all veterans as they look for gold on his remote case on California Rivulet. “I know during my change from the tactical I might have utilized something like this,” says Lewis. “There were a few events I think back on and acknowledge had somebody just had faith in me I might have improved. The biggest thing is you can depend on vets.

They are diligent employees and flourish with challenge which is ideal for gold mining. In conclusion, I simply need to associate with individuals like me and be propelled by my companions.”

Lewis goes through Veteran’s Day the same way every year.

“I monitor every one of my companions and ensure they are getting along admirably,” he shares. “Furthermore, express gratitude toward them for serving.”

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