Guchi & Yemi Alade Wows On New Single ‘I Swear’

Quick rising sensation Guchi has delivered another single ‘I Swear’ which highlights Afrobeats genius Yemi Alade.

In this notable Gen Z and Millennial association, Guchi and Yemi Alade shower encomium on their life partners.

Some time before the music emerged, audience members kept on comparing the style of the two vocalists.

“No doubt” fulfills the interest for their cooperation, while regarding the significant jobs the two ladies play in the business.

‘I Swear’ obliges depression and reflection. ChechDaProducer’s sythesis unpretentiously baits you to the dancefloor yet the verses could summon a completely unique reaction.

In one stanza, Guchi concedes to being irredeemably in adoration, and in the other, Yemi Alade asks for the life span of her sweetheart’s responsibility.

The tune which is an afrobeats Classification has been delivered by ChechDaProducer with the name, PG Records Amusement, and it is 2 minutes and 18 seconds in length.

It has been delivered today, October 21, 2022.

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