Gujarat Governor calls Hindus ‘biggest bigots’

Rajpipla (Narmada), Sep 8 (IANS) Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat’s assertion has ignited a discussion after he called Hindus two-timers. He offered this expression on Wednesday in the Poicha town of the Narmada locale while tending to a class on ‘Natural Farming In Nature’s Lap’.

State’s two driving papers have cited Governor Acharya Devvrat: “Individuals serenade ‘Jai Gau Mata’, however they keep cow in their steady till she is giving milk. When she quits giving milk, they leave her on streets. For that reason I say Hindus are bigots number 1. Hindu religion and cow are interlinked, yet here individuals serenade ‘Jai Gau Mata’ quite selfishly.”

He expressed further: “Individuals visit sanctuaries, mosques, church, Gurudwara, to implore God, so God will favor them. That’s what I declare assuming you return to natural cultivating, God will be consequently content with you. I, with logical proof, am expressing that with the utilization of synthetic manure you are killing steers. On the off chance that you go for natural cultivating, you will give life to cows.”