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After that occurrence, Guy Goma turned into a subject of diversion. His boldness and meeting on the live show are as yet commended by many. In 2016, Alison Rosenzweig expressed that she began building up a film with respect to Goma’s memoir.

Be that as it may, there are no more updates about his biopic. Fellow Goma was confused with an innovation master, Guy Johan Kewney. He came to BBC for a new employee screening and was holding up in the fundamental meeting room.

At the point when one of the workers requested Guy Kewney, the assistant highlighted Guy Goma. The maker inquired as to whether he is a Guy. He replied with an indeed, and the entire misunderstanding began.

Goma was taken to a live meeting to discuss the instance of ‘Apple Corps v. Mac Computer,’ which he considered a prospective employee meeting. He was taken to a make-up room, and the mouthpiece was appended with him too.

He thought that it was odd, yet soon, he was acquainted with Guy Kewney, which stunned him. After he knew about the live meeting, he made an honest effort to respond to every one of the inquiries tossed at him.

Fellow Goma’s present whereabouts are obscure. However, in 2006, he showed up on ‘Channel 4 News, and a maker, Alison Rosenzweig, expressed about making his biopic too. Discussing the BBC meet, while Guy Goma was on the meeting, Guy Kenwey was on another gathering sitting tight for his meeting.

Kewney was stunned when he heard that the meeting that he came for was at that point began. Following 20 minutes of the blend max, Goma was met for the work, however lamentably, he was not employed.

According to Metro UK, it has been a long time since Guy Goma erroneously showed up for BBC live meeting. He referenced that more individuals would utilize the web to download music and other media in the meeting. This forecast of him end up being exact.

BBC’s mixed up character with Guy Goma is recorded as one of the BBC’s most vital meeting bloopers.