Han Seo Hee Was Recently Sentenced To 1.5 Years In Jail For Illegal Drug Usage

Han Seo Hee was charged by the Suwon District Court for taking psychotropic drugs while waiting on the post trial process in her past case. At the point when she was captured for maryjane utilization in 2016, she was at that point having to deal with opiates penalties.

She was condemned to four years probation for a similar offense. The previous learner was likewise seen flinging obscenities under the watchful eye of the court following the decision in November 2021, when she was captured for flight risk.


The notorious K-pop student was condemned to one year and a half year in prison for unlawful medication violations. She was at that point waiting on the post trial process when she was accused of utilizing psychoactive synthetic substances like methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Han Seo Hee Charges Han Seo Hee was accused in 2016 of claims of securing pot multiple times and involving cannabis multiple times in her home in Jung-gu, Seoul. In 2017, she was condemned to three years in prison, suspended for a very long time, a fine of 870,000 won, four years of probation, and 120 hours of medication treatment programs. She tried positive for psychotropic substances during her probation term in July of last year and was held at the probation office.

She guaranteed there was an error in the pee test at that point and was given a hair test at the National Forensics Institute. The hair test was negative, and she was allowed to keep her probation. Be that as it may, Han Seo Hee was in this manner accused of ownership of methamphetamine by the arraignment.

She argued not liable, asserting that her cup had fallen in the bathroom during the test, delivering the outcomes questionable. The adjudicator in Han Seo Hee’s case said after the decision that her cases were invalid since the amount of metamphetamine distinguished in the cup was in excess of 300 nanograms, as per the National Institute of Scientific Investigation’s test discoveries.

As per Judge Kim,”It’s hard to accept that the water supply contains sufficient amphetamine to disrupt Han Seo Hee’s experimental outcomes.”

Judge Kim further found that since she was the main lady present at the hour of the pee test, her contention that her experimental outcome had been blended with different people couldn’t be acknowledged.

As per the Suwon District Court decision, which was confirmed by the Supreme Court:”the respondent will not consider the lawlessness of her activities and keeps on making nonsensical cases.”

Fans Respond to Judge Decisions Fans commended the Supreme Court’s choice to detain the ex-learner for the violations he committed. She has additionally vexed K-pop fans by coursing tales about numerous K-pop stars.

Han Seo-hee has a contentious foundation in the K-popular music business. At the point when she initially began with JYP Entertainment, she was one of the most encouraging K-pop students, nonetheless, she consequently quit for vague reasons.

She was likewise expected to make her presentation with G-Friend, nonetheless, she didn’t. Han additionally neglected to make her presentation with the K-pop young lady bunch Gugudan and was at the center of attention for stopping different organizations for individual reasons before purportedly marking with YG Entertainment.

She was then caught in a progression of fights and embarrassments that shook the K-pop industry, procuring her an unbelievable standing. Her most notable occurrences incorporate getting confined for consuming maryjane with BIGBANG’s T.O.P. what’s more, her job in the medication contention including IKON’s B.I. Throughout the long term, the previous learner has started contention by spreading tales about K-pop stars, the greater part of which have ended up being erroneous.