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Harald Meier Birgit Meier spouse is presently not the excellent suspect for her vanishing. Here’s beginning and end to realize what befell her. Harald has been generally perceived as a fruitful business visionary. Notwithstanding, there’s not a lot had some familiarity with his expert life.

He stood out as truly newsworthy after his significant other vanished out of nowhere. Supposedly, the couples were very nearly partition. Harald Meier is perceived as Birgit Meier’s better half. He should explain the purposes for their separation that very day she vanished.


Talking about his companion, Birgit was a regarded picture taker. After their division, she should get 500,000 DM from Harald. Celebsaga can affirm that Birgit is no more with us today. Curiously, her demise case stays a secret for over 31 years.

Apparently, she vanished from her little loft on August 14, 1989. She was 40 years of age around then. Assuming she was alive today, Birgit would have been 72 years old.

Continuing on, the couples hailed from Lneburg, Germany. Thus, we can affirm Harald’s ethnicity as German. As indicated by The Sun, his significant other’s body remains were viewed as in 2017. Various reports guarantee that they were covered under the substantial floor of a carport.

A post-mortem examination report from January 2018 uncovered that Birgit was lethally shot. In addition, Robert Kruse has affirmed that she was killed by a chronic executioner.

We have no clue about where Harald Meier is today. Also, we do not know whether he is dead or alive. Harald’s subtleties haven’t stood out as truly newsworthy since his better half died. Ideally, Meier will be brought into the spotlight soon.

Then again, his perished accomplice’s story will be uncovered on Netflix. Allegedly, the TV series, Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier is delivering on November 26, 2021. Harald Meier didn’t kill Birgit Meier. Most likely, she turned into a survivor of Kurt-Werner Wichmann, the German chronic executioner.

During one of the inquiries to track down Birgit’s executioner, Kurt-Werner was captured in Heilbronn. Allegedly, he engaged in an auto collision and the police caught him with a few weapons.

On April 25, 1993, the chronic executioner ended it all by hanging. All things considered, the examination continued and according to a new update, Wichmann had an aide who may have killed Birgit. Right now, no one is in prison for the homicide of Birgit.

Wikipedia claims that the wrongdoing was concealed for just about 28 years. Afterward, it was resumed by Meier’s brother, Wolfgang Sielaff who is a criminal investigator and police officer.