Harrison Ford Makes Emotional Appearance at D23, Says He’s ‘Very Proud’ of New ‘Indiana Jones’ Film

Once more after first showing up during the Star Wars Festivity back in May, Harrison Passage stunned fans by showing up at the D23 Exhibition to talk about the normal new Indiana Jones continuation.

While discussing the new film, the 80-year-old performer who plays had the well known influence since he highlighted in 1981’s Plunderers of the Lost Ark, said, “I’m outstandingly satisfied to say that this one is fantastic,” as he teared up before an audience.


“These motion pictures are about confidential and experience and yet they’re about heart and I’m genuinely happy that we have a human story to tell as well as a film that will thump you up,” Portage kept, adding that the fifth part “is it” for him. “Yet again I won’t tumble down for you.”

While there was no authority uncover of the film’s title, foundation new kid on the block Phoebe Waller-Scaffold joined Passage before an audience, uncovering she lived it up managing the continuation. “Remaining mindful of this individual is draining,” she communicated, suggesting her astounding co-star.

The appearance comes after Passage shared the essential power image of him back in outfit during the Star Wars Festivity. There, he moreover noticed John Williams’ birthday as the essayist showed up and driven a live execution of the film’s popular score.