Has H2o Delirious Done A Face Reveal? Real Name & Identity Revealed


Has H2o Delirious Done A Face Reveal? Or on the other hand is it one of his April Fools tricks? Peruse along to find out.

H2O Delirious is a North Carolina-based American YouTuber and computer game intellectual famous for his Psychotic giggle, sometimes misspeaking, and gaming recordings.


On his channel, which has advanced to be one of YouTube’s main 200 most bought in channels, he fundamentally creates and communicates “How about we Play” and gaming recordings.

Has H2o Delirious Done A Face Reveal? H2o Delirious has done many face-genuine recordings as the years progressed however he never really uncovered his face in any of them.

As an April Fool’s joke, H2O Delirious chose to transfer a film that gave off an impression of being a face uncover video from the beginning. In any case, this was not thoroughly right.

The video, which was posted on April 1, showed a succession of individuals utilizing selfie cameras to uncover that they were the veritable H2O Delirious.

Likewise this year as a piece of his April fool joke he uncovered his proofreader’s face rather than himself.

His fans have taken this joke in a positive manner and have added jokes to it.

H2o Delirious Real Name Age and Identity Explored H2o Delirious genuine name is Jonathan Denis in the interim his age is 35.

He turned out to be notable for wearing the Jason cover from the Friday the thirteenth flicks.

He is a Vanoss gaming colleague and maker of gaming-related content. His massively famous H2ODelirious channel has in excess of 13 million endorsers.

He regularly plays Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, WWE 2K14, and Black Ops II.

In the Vanoss YouTube series “The Magic Tomato,” he shows up close by other YouTubers Wildcat, Terroriser, and Lui Caliber.

H2o Delirious Net Worth Details H2o Delirious is supposed to have a total assets of 7 million.

Insane’s content to a great extent comprises of him playing computer game Let’s Plays or simply spending time with his buddies. He is known to have a tremendous circles with whom he habitually teams up in his recordings.

Woozy likewise performs solo Let’s Play recordings in which he plays single-player games, ordinarily in crusade mode.

Dazed is depicted by WatchMojo as “an individual who genuinely figures out the craft of Let’s Plays and doesn’t permit surveys or different interferences to impede his game.”

Ridiculous is notable for his peculiar gaming style, for example, not understanding what’s going on and panicking out at each jumpscare.