Has Swagkage Done A Face Reveal? Here’s How He Really Looks Like

Swagkage face uncover has been a big point since he became famous on YouTube. Swagkage is an Anime YouTuber.

Swagkage is renowned for making recordings about well known anime, particularly Naruto and the Winged serpent Ball establishment. His recordings range from records, speculations, news, and examination recordings about the previously mentioned anime.


He additionally makes recordings on other anime yet typically sticks to famous shounen anime from the 2000s. His prosperity should be visible in his endorser count, as he has amassed over 1.15 million supporters since he began his channel on October 14, 2014.

He has additionally gathered more than 304 million absolute perspectives during that time.

He likewise has a subsequent channel, Roobindale, with over 57.4K endorsers. This channel is essentially about the well known anime and game Yu-Gi-Gracious!

Swagkage has additionally seen a positive outcome on other web-based entertainment stages like Twitter, where he has 78.6K supporters.

What Does Swagkage Face Resemble Without A Symbol? Swagkage has not done a face uncover in his whole YouTube vocation.

Swagkage has stowed away his character and is just known by his web-based moniker.

Having never expressed why he conceals his personality, a large number of Swagkage’s fans can expect why the YouTuber conceals his face. In any case, it is a typical event in the class of YouTube recordings that Swagkage makes for individuals to conceal their countenances.

The motivation behind why would that be, as a general rule, there is compelling reason need to show one’s face. Such recordings ordinarily work in light of the fact that the YouTuber shows pictures and recordings of anything that they are discussing and has a disembodied voice talking on those points.

They likewise have a symbol or mascot talk for their benefit. For instance, discussing other Anime YouTube channels, there isn’t Mark, who has a variant of himself that seems to be Goku from Winged serpent Ball Z as his mascot, Sage Downpour, who has a darker looking individual from Naruto as his mascot, and The Concealed Man, who has a still from the Seinen mange Akumetsu as his mascot.

For his situation, his mascot is wearing Kakashi from Naruto’s veil with the Sharingan and Rinnegan, two eye methods from Naruto. The main thing that isolates Swagkage from these other Anime YouTubers, except for Sage Downpour, is that they uncovered their face after a set supporter count. For instance, The Covered Man did a face uncover at 100K endorsers.

Many individuals figured he would do a face uncover when he arrived at 1,000,000 endorsers, however he has eventually chosen not to do as such.

What Occurred Among Swagkage and SethTheProgrammer? Swagkage and SethTheProgrammer had a conflict in 2019 which prompted them dropping out.

Like Swagkage, SethTheProgrammer makes recordings about Anime, particularly Naruto and Winged serpent Ball Z. The main thing that isolates him from other Anime YouTubers is that his recordings are centered around speculative battles between two characters. These characters can be from similar establishment or various establishments.

For instance, the most famous video on his channel is assuming the DC character Batman can settle a case about Kira that even L couldn’t tackle. The outcome of his recipe has prompted him hoarding over 920K supporters.

The issues between them began on October 6, 2019, when Swagkage transferred a video called “Might Itachi at any point beat the 5 Kage?” In the video, he discussed why Itachi, a well known character from the Naruto establishment, couldn’t beat all the Kages, the heads of towns in a similar establishment.

SethTheProgammer disliked the video as he really loves Itachi. He broadcasted his complaints on a now-erased video with Webcamparrot, where the two ridiculed Swagkage for his video.

This prompted one more discussion with each of them three, where Webcamparrot got into a contention with Swagkage while SeththeProgammer continued to ridicule the last option. Nonetheless, many considered it to be a youthful appearing from each of the three because of the ludicrous purpose for the battle.

Swagkage At long last Breaks 1.15 Million YouTube Endorsers Swagkage got through to 1,000,000 YouTube supporters back in January 2021.

His channel right now sits at 1.15 million supporters and is consistently developing. As indicated by Friendly Edge, he arrived at 1.15 million endorsers on April 22, 2022, and has consistently stuck to that supporter count from that point forward.

His channel sees have additionally consistently been developing as she has amassed over 1.096 million perspectives on his recordings over the most recent 30 days. The organization site positions his channel a B generally speaking.

He is viewed as the most well known Naruto-put together YouTube channel with respect to the stage, and with numbers like this, denying his hang on this specific specialty on the internet is hard.