“He is literally the Antichrist”: MrBeast blind video controversy explained amid wild backlash

YouTuber MrBeast is most popular for his lavish news-breaking recordings. He as of late made a video where he assisted 1000 individuals with acquiring vision through medical procedures. In spite of it appearing to be an outstanding signal, netizens took to web-based entertainment asserting that the content maker was accomplishing crafted by Satan. They proceeded to mark him the “antichrist.”

Vigorous virtual entertainment clients are very much aware of online entertainment character, MrBeast. The YouTube investor is most popular for his intricate tricks, tricks and difficulties. His new Squid Games diversion became world news. Be that as it may, his latest video named 1,000 Visually impaired Individuals See interestingly has earned blended responses.


As the title recommends, a few group went through phacoemulification medical procedure which would assist them with recovering their vision. In the equivalent, a waterfall, which mists the typically clear focal point of the eye is vacuumed out. Following this, the waterfall is supplanted with another fake focal point permitting one to see.

Alongside the medical procedures, certain patients were gifted $10,000 or more. Others were given a Tesla for nothing too. MrBeast likewise made a gift of $100,000 to the optical specialist’s training where individuals got their medical procedures.

At the hour of composing this article, the eight-minute long video had earned more than 56 million perspectives in only two days.

In the holding video, feelings ran high. Watchers got a brief look into the existences of the patients. They likewise could watch individuals’ responses when they removed their gauzes post-medical procedure and saw their environmental factors interestingly.

A few individuals expectedly got profound. One man, who was visually impaired for quite a long time, offered thanks towards MrBeast for the method. Another man who lost his employment since his vision was hindered was excited to have the option to work once more. A young kid who has been visually impaired since his introduction to the world was overjoyed to have the option to drive interestingly.

Individuals from across the world, including those from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, Jamaica, and so on, had the option to see again on account of MrBeast toward the finish of the video.

Regardless of the content maker investing some genuine energy for a valuable end goal, web clients felt like the YouTuber made the video and aided blind individuals exclusively for online footing. Many expressed that the video appeared to be a contrivance. Others additionally asserted that the 24 year old was finishing the work of the “antichrist” by giving individuals vision absolutely out of avarice. A few tweets about the equivalent took over Twitter. A couple of responses read:

Dr. Jeff Levenson said in a meeting with CNN that he was moved toward by the YouTuber’s group in September to accumulate a rundown of individuals who needed the medical procedure yet didn’t have the funds to support it. Levenson uncovered that he carried out procedures on a gathering of 40 individuals in 11 hours. He likewise associated the YouTuber’s group to SEE Global who might give free eyecare to individuals around the world.

Notwithstanding the content maker collecting some kickback on the web, the ophthalmologist behind the undertaking noticed that the YouTuber’s endeavors were uplifting and could change lives. He said:

“On the off chance that MrBeast can get a fire going, and on the off chance that we can get legislative and confidential help behind it, we can end half of all the visual impairment on the planet. Without all that much expense, and with staggering additions in human efficiency and human potential.”
The YouTuber had not answered the reaction at the hour of composing this article.