Hear Me Out, IVD Said With Receipts

Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna, famously known as IVD, has ended his quiet following the passing of his better half, Airhead.

Kemi Filani news announced hours prior that the sister of Airhead made it known of her death.


Airhead’s sister blamed, IVd of killing her sister.

In a post on her Instagram page, she composed,

“My hands are shaking. Airhead is no more. Airhead is no more. My sister is no more. The fire is consuming me. Haaaa. IVD you killed my main sister… “.

IVD ends the quietness following his better half’s passing

In a now-erased post on his Instagram page, IVD imparted his side of the story to confirm.

The superstar vehicle vendor shared recordings of his better half harming his vehicles.

As per him, his significant other was attached to releasing savagery whenever they squabbled.

Sharing a mysterious post, he composed,

“My most noteworthy damages will be at my memorial service, everybody will be like… Airhead was a particularly incredible human, a jokester, she’s that one individual you had on your sos call, she had the biggest heart, was extremely savvy, she paid special attention to her family… . Bobby yen yen… .. My carcass will awaken and yell “SHUT UP Every one OF YOU AND PUT ME INSIDE THE GROUND LET ME Accompany Ruler” Bobby yen yen… . Pablo escobar na my mate. You didn’t get his notice and commendation at his memorial service. I’m giggling at my numb nuts. You see the reason why I’m as yet Alive, I don’t for even a moment view myself pretentiously”.

Airhead’s sister blames IVD for killing Airhead

This is coming hours later, the sister of late IVD’s significant other, Airhead Ogbonna opened up on her demise.

Mother Razz, as she is affectionately known on Instagram, made another disclosure about her sister’s demise.

She asserted that the big name car vendor, IVD, drove her sister into the fire.

As per her, IVD drove his significant other into the fire and watched her consume.

She affirmed that the well known financial specialist was on the run following his fierce activity.

“You drove her into the fire, you watched her consume, you videoed her. You consumed me, this fire is consuming. IVD oooo, you are the run”, she said while sobbing.