Heavy rainfall cripples Gurugram; disrupts normal life


Gurugram, Sep 24 (IANS) Weighty precipitation has caused extreme water logging here, aside from generally upsetting typical life and routine work in the Thousand years City.

In excess of 50 spots in the city remembering significant central issues for the freeway was lowered in downpour set off rising water on Saturday. A street close to Iffco Chowk likewise collapsed because of weighty downpours.


Recordings and pictures of the collapsed street were broadly spread on the virtual entertainment.

Police have blockaded the region to stay away from any occurrence.

In the interim, according to the information on precipitation shared by the area organization, Gururgam tehsil on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. gotten 59 mm precipitation, Kadipur 58 mm, Harsaru 58 mm, Wazirabad 66 mm, Badshahpur 62 mm, Sohna 24 mm, Manesar 55 mm, Pataudi 105 mm and Farrukkhnagar 30 mm.

Because of weighty precipitation, the Gurugram organization has shut all underpasses and trams for non-mechanized transport (NMT), and walkers for public use.

In the mean time, a few Aam Admi Party pioneers and laborers alongside baths challenged the Metropolitan Organization of Gurugram and the BJP-drove Haryana government at Subhash Chowk for neglecting to give a superior waste framework in Gurugram and considered mindful the state government for water logging across in the region.

A vehicle was seen lowered on the Narsingpur Chowk administration path on the Delhi-Jaipur turnpike where the water collected. A traveler of the vehicle was situated on its top.

Supposedly, a kid was swimming in the waterlogged Narsinghpur Chowk administration path on the freeway.

Water at the spot additionally hampered the traffic development on the fundamental turnpike. The traffic development at this significant intersection of the freeway was slow, particularly bikes face colossal burden because of water.