Henry Winkler Says He Regrets Turning Down John Travolta’s ‘Grease’ Role: ‘I Should’ve Just Shut Up’

Henry Winkler passed up some serious lubed lightning in a container. In a meeting with CNN’s Chris Wallace that broadcasted throughout the end of the week, the 77-year-old entertainer said he was offered the job of Danny Zuko in 1978’s melodic film Oil, which would proceed to assist with solidifying John Travolta’s symbol status in Hollywood.

As per Winkler, he turned down the job notwithstanding having somewhat of a drought in his own vocation at that point — because of a paranoid fear of being “pigeonhole,” as he felt the person was excessively near that of his Blissful Days character, Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli. “I in a real sense thought, ‘Am I ever going to track down anything with as much effect as the Fonz? How might I be aware? Will anyone at any point ask me? I’m not getting any offers,’ ” Winkler reviewed.


After Winkler said he was offered the job of T-Birds pioneer Danny, Wallace, 75, asked his visitor, “Are you a damn dolt?” — to which the entertainer answered, “Yes. I’m.”

At that point, Winkler — who featured on Cheerful Days all through its very long term run, from 1974 to 1984 — thought, ” ‘I’ve played the Fonz, I don’t want to rehash it … it has previously worked out. I’m now pigeonholed.’ ” “I ought to have been recently quieted down and had a truly great time making that film,” he said, kidding, “Presently, I return home, I say no, and I have a Diet Coke.

John Travolta returns home, and has done the film, and purchases a plane.” Oil projecting chief Joel Thurm lets Individuals know that while Winkler was never formally offered the job of Danny, he might have been discussed — yet Principal Pictures consented to convey the film simply because of Travolta’s projecting.

The melodic youngster film has turned into a social peculiarity since it hit theaters, motivating numerous a get-together, dramatic re-deliveries and that’s just the beginning.

The ubiquity of the film and stage show likewise propelled a live TV creation back in 2016.

Travolta, 68, wrote a sincere recognition for his onscreen old flame Olivia Newton-John, who played co-lead Sandy Olsson in the film, after her demise in August at age 73.

“Yours from the second I saw you and for eternity! Your Danny, your John!” Travolta subtitled his online entertainment post, to a limited extent.

In spite of passing up Danny, Winkler has driven his very own productive vocation in the 40 or more years since Oil debuted, post-Blissful Days.

He has been designated for five Daytime Emmy Grants and nine Early evening Emmy Grants, winning a last honor in 2018 for his job in Barry.

With his most memorable acting credits tracing all the way back to 1964, Winkler said during Individuals and Diversion Week after week Honorary pathway Live pre-show at the 74th Early evening Emmy Grants back in September that it’s amusing to see his fans’ age by what they remember him by.

“Blissful Days, Shout, Waterboy, Parks and Rec, Captured Improvement and presently Barry,” he said, posting a couple of his hit shows and films.

Concerning how he was feeling at that point, “I’m loose,” Winkler said. “I can take it in, I’m not really stressed.”