Here Are All of the Celebs Who Have Been Unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8

Heads up: This article contains spoilers for Season 8 of The Concealed Vocalist. Season 8 of The Veiled Artist started off on Sept. 21, 2022, and with it came 22 new veils. However inventive and over-the-top as the outfits seem to be, the characters of the big names under will stay a secret until they’re disposed of and exposed.

Those tracking with at home might require an update on who has been uncovered up until this point and who is as yet remaining. The uplifting news is we’re keeping a running rundown of the uncovers (and our most realistic estimations meanwhile) for every secret vocalist. Continue to peruse to get the most recent updates!

Who is Knight on ‘The Covered Vocalist’? Knight was the absolute first candidate wiped out during Episode 1 — and he was uncovered to be William Shatner! Who is Hedgehog on ‘The Veiled Vocalist’? On Episode 1, Hedgehog was uncovered to be entertainer/essayist/performer Eric Inactive, a previous individual from the English satire bunch Monty Python.

Who is Hummingbird on ‘The Covered Vocalist’? Hummingbird was wiped out in Episode 1, yet in a curve, his personality will not be uncovered until Episode 2 on Sept. 28.

We truly do realize that Hummingbird’s most memorable piece of information is a bloom. We additionally realize that the gossip plant is persuaded the Hummingbird is Tom Brady, albeit the GOAT has denied partaking in The Concealed Vocalist. Who is Harp on ‘The Covered Artist’? Harp was essential for the primary gathering to perform during Season 8, Episode 1 of The Concealed Artist — and she was likewise the only one out of the four to progress to the elimination rounds.

A well known early supposition for Harp is Golden Riley — which seems OK since her most memorable hint is printed music, and Golden featured in Joy. (She most certainly seems like Golden, as well!) Who is Avocado on ‘The Concealed Vocalist’? We don’t know who Avocado is right now, but rather we make certain of this: their ensemble is essentially the cutest.

Who are Mummies on ‘The Covered Artist’? This threesome seems as though they’re prepared to cover the opposition. Their most memorable hint is a ka sculpture — which makes us keep thinking about whether, as this Twitter client speculated — they could be Boyz II Men in view of their melody, “I Will Arrive,” on The Sovereign of Egypt soundtrack. Or on the other hand, perhaps it’s The Migos in light of the fact that they’re a rap (wrap) bunch? Who is Lady on ‘The Covered Vocalist’? We have no suppositions about Lady of the hour on The Covered Vocalist. Yet, we can hardly stand by to hear her sing!

Who is Maize on ‘The Concealed Artist’ Corn Kid, is that you in there? Jokes to the side, Maize’s most memorable hint on The Concealed Artist is margarine. (“It has the juice.”) Some figure Maize could be Paula Senior member, given her notable liking for spread. What is your take? Who is Pi-rat on ‘The Covered Artist’? Hi, Pi-rodent — would you say you are Hugh Jackson, who played Snare? Since that is your most memorable piece of information: a snare.

Who is the Insect on ‘The Concealed Artist’? Bug’s most memorable piece of information is a leaf. Perhaps it’s Michael Keaton, who played the main protagonist in Beetlejuice? Who is Scarecrow on ‘The Concealed Artist’? Who is Scarecrow? Their most memorable sign is, obviously, a crow. Might it at some point be Russel Crow or Sheryl Crow? Or then again Spear Armstrong, who recently dated Sheryl Crow? (Or on the other hand, perhaps it isn’t so exacting.)

Who is Spiritualist on ‘The Veiled Vocalist’? The main hint for Seer is an hourglass. What it implies, we do not know. Maybe it’s a reference to the drama Days of Our Lives? Who is Venus Fly Snare on ‘The Covered Artist’? Couldn’t it be astounding on the off chance that Venus Fly Snare were previous VP Mike Pence? (Recollect the fly that arrived on his head during a bad habit official discussion?) Really, it would be better assuming this competitor were Kenan Thompson, who played the fly on Mike Pence’s head in a piece for Saturday Night Live.

Who is Walrus on ‘The Veiled Artist’? The principal piece of information for Walrus on The Covered Vocalist is a fish. Might it at any point be Spear Bass, or Mike Trout under the cover? Who is Robo-Young lady on ‘The Veiled Artist’? One of Robo-Young lady’s most memorable pieces of information is a wrench … furthermore, we don’t have anything. Assist us with sorting out what her identity is!

Who is Mermaid on ‘The Covered Artist’? Could it be excessively self-evident assuming Mermaid were Halle Bailey? She’s playing Ariel in the impending true to life The Little Mermaid, all things considered. Yet, with a shell as her most memorable sign, Mermaid actually has us befuddled.

Who are Sheep on ‘The Veiled Vocalist’? Despite the fact that we realize Sheep are a triplet of vocalists, there isn’t a lot of data about them up to this point. The primary piece of information is a milk bottle — yet we will keep it together on our expectation until further notice.

Who is Milkshake on ‘The Veiled Vocalist’? Might Milkshake on The Veiled Vocalist at any point be, in all honesty, Kelis, who sings “My Milkshake” (brings all the young men to the yard)? Or on the other hand is that altogether too self-evident? The principal hint is whipped cream, assuming that ignites any great speculations.

Who is Jaguar on ‘The Concealed Artist’? One of Jaguar’s initial hints is a moon — so maybe they are a well known space explorer or a space researcher? Who is Sir Bogeyman on ‘The Covered Singer’?One well known early conjecture about Sir Bogeyman on The Concealed Vocalist is that he could be Bill Nye (the Science Fellow) as a result of his necktie. Without having heard him sing, we believe making a reasonable deduction is still too soon.

Who is Blizzard on ‘The Concealed Artist’? Blizzard gives off an impression of being a goliath, sparkling snowflake. Might she at any point be the ice sovereign herself — Elsa from Frozen, who is voiced by Idina Menzel? Taking into account one piece of information is a scarf, perhaps it’s Taylor Quick? We can hardly hold on to find out!

Who is Gopher on ‘The Covered Vocalist’? Who could be under Gopher’s ensemble on The Veiled Vocalist? The primary piece of information was a tether yet we genuinely have no decent estimates as of now — beside Jason Sudeikis, who stars on Ted Rope. Get new episodes of The Veiled Vocalist Season 8 Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.