Hillary Gardee Suspect Philemon Lukhele Arrested, Who Is He?


Gardee has been known as Mhlabundzima inside the political circles. Lukhele is ANC senior scientist as well as experienced individual from ANC Mpumalanga.

Hillary Gardee was the girl of previous South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Secretary-General Godrich Gardee. She was banished from Swaziland, likewise Hillary is an individual from the PUDEMO association.


Hillary Gardee Suspect Philemon Lukhele Arrested, Who Is He? Philemon Lukhele is an individual from ANC in Mpumalanga, he was banished from the country in 1998, and he was working in ANC for a considerable length of time. He likewise acquired participation in the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO).

Lukhele was arrested on sixth May from his guesthouse, as of now, he is hanging tight for his court appearance too. Lukhele has been connected with his guesthouse, as murder had occurred in the house before the body was taken out from the reason.

Additionally, Lukhele’s vehicle and Lukhele’s visitor house appear to interface him with the homicide, as his vehicle was utilized to dump the body. The supposed executioner is thought to be on the run yet the Police Commissioner expressed that the suspect will show up in court by Monday.

Hillary Gardee Murder in Ntsika Guest House The power’s examinations had driven Lukhele’s visitor house Ntsika to be the location of the crime, as the wrongdoing had happened in the house. Hillary Gardee had likely died on the reason of Ntsika house.

Essentially, the police additionally accept that the individual capable likewise took the vehicle that had a place with Lukhele. Lukhele has not gotten a sense of ownership with the wrongdoing.

Furthermore, Lukhele is a conspicuous, individual from the ANC, he was the understudy who was banished from Swaziland and went to South Africa, where he took an interest in ANC structures. He was likewise engaged with PUDEMO and was subordinate under the authority of the President.

Philemon Lukehele In Jail: What Are His Charges? Lukehele has been accused of supposed murder, occurred in the spot of his home. He was additionally accused of the ownership of property that had a place with the killer as the vehicle was utilized for the homicide too.

Philemon Lukehele has been upheld by different higher power part who states him to be astute and faithful to the ideological group. He played took part in line barricades and performed exercises that were productive for ANC.